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Hitachi Energy intends to revolutionize the world of electric vehicles by introducing the electronic chip unit used in managing and regulating electrical circuits.

Roadback units set a new standard in electric vehicle performance, as they use the latest silicon carbide technology to achieve exceptional levels of energy density for faster charging, reliability over the life of the vehicle, and minimal power loss for the longest driving range.

In a press release, Hitachi Energy announced that it will introduce these chips into electric cars during the leading trade fair “BDEM Europe” in the field of electronics, which will be held in Germany from May 10-12.

Electric Mobility Support

“The Roadback unit is the product of more than 100 years of Hitachi Energy’s innovation and market leadership in electronics,” said Niclas Pearson, Managing Director of Hitachi Energy’s Network Integration Business.

“Together with electric vehicle charging systems, it builds on our commitment to taking electric mobility to the next level and fostering a more sustainable energy future for all,” he added.

The Roadback is available in the 750V and 1200V ranges, making it ideal for all types of electric vehicles: cars, luxury cars, commercial vehicles, buses, agricultural electric vehicles, heavy-duty trucks and high-performance racing cars.

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Chips for Hitachi Energy – Image from the company’s website

advanced electronic chips

Hitachi Energy’s advanced chip technology is a key component of grid integration solutions that enable the reliable flow of massive amounts of renewable energy across power grids and between countries.

They are also key to the traction conversion systems that drive high-speed electric trains and metros, and electric vehicles that make road transport clean and sustainable.

Hitachi Energy has two separate manufacturing sources that support the worldwide supply security of silicon carbide based circuit chip electronic products, including Roadback.

The company manufactures its own silicon carbide wafers at its chip plant in Switzerland and is backed by an independent silicon carbide wafer manufacturer in the United States, thus securing supply in terms of volume and geographical availability.

Successful tests

The roadback has been tested by several electric car manufacturers, and has achieved two seasons of flawless performance with the Mahindra Racing Formula E team.

“We have had the privilege of testing this advanced power unit on the Mahindra racing cars M7 Electro and M8 Electro over the past two years, which has proven to significantly increase performance and reliability,” said Mahindra Racing Team CEO, Dilbagh Gill.

“This high-tech improvement allows us to develop the next generation of the latest green vehicle solutions and improve the driving experience,” he continued.

electric cars

electric car market

The electronic chips used to regulate and manage electrical circuits are a critical component of electric vehicles.

It is the core of the inverter, which converts DC power from the car’s battery into AC power that drives the engine.

Roadback chips are engineered to operate flawlessly for more than 4 million cycles over the vehicle’s life.

This comes at a time when the electric car market is growing significantly, as global sales of electric cars increased by 40% in 2020, and almost doubled in 2021.

In addition, all major auto manufacturers have committed to phasing out their gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2030 or earlier.

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