Many Algerian professionals are presenting modest performances in the Tunisian Premier League this season, which made them the subject of criticism from critics and technicians, and from the local press, which chose 7 players who no longer have a place in the league championship due to their performance with the Tunisian team.

Many players represented an excessive burden for the Premier League clubs, and it became clear that their days were numbered within the walls of these teams, in light of the continuous calls for the abandonment of the law on the registration of North African players as local players in Tunisia.

In late 2018, the Tunisian Football Association approved allowing Tunisian clubs to sign players from Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Libya and Mauritania as local players, which made Premier League clubs accept players from North Africa, and the law aroused the ire of Tunisian players, who also demanded that the law be circulated In the leagues of Algeria, Morocco and Egypt in particular, but that has not happened so far.

The influx of first-class clubs against the players of the North African leagues, and the players of Algeria in particular, has created a state of continuous controversy in football circles regarding the repercussions of the phenomenon on Tunisian football and on the level of Algerian players alike. Despite the success of several names in providing the addition, such as the Esperance duo, Abdelkader Badran and Mohamed Amin Togay, and before them Youssef Belaili and Tayeb Al-Meziani in his short experience with the coastal sports star, there are many other names that failed to present their credentials in Tunisia.

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In the following report, winwin reviews seven players who no longer have a place in the ranks of the Tunisian league clubs, and they will be replaced by new stars in the coming period.

The duo of Al Ittihad of Monastir .. Tawfiq Al-Adadi and Abdel Hakim Amqrin

Observers unanimously agree that the Algerian duo of Al Ittihad of Monastir, striker Abdelhakim Amgren and midfielder Tawfiq Al-Adadi, failed to provide the addition to the team and help it in its path towards winning the league title for the first time in its history.

Monastiri contracted with Amgran from the Iraqi Police Club, and he played only 4 matches since the beginning of the current football season, and failed to reserve a place for him in the formation of veteran coach Faouzi Benzarti, and his compatriot Al-Adadi represented a great disappointment to the team and its fans, and failed to meet expectations, according to analysts; He faced difficulties in appearing at his best level during the 8 matches he participated in with the “Capital of Rabat” club, and he did not provide any significant addition since contracting with him during the last summer transfers, in a free transfer deal after the termination of his contract with his former team Mouloudia Algiers.

The African Club trio.. Radwan Zardoum, Ihab Balhousini and Nabil Laamra

It became clear that the player Radwan Zardum does not appear in coach Muntaser Al-Wahishi’s plans this season, with his participation on only two occasions, and he played as a substitute and not essential during the coronation stage.

The heart of the attack coming from Etoile du Sahel was expected to compete with Yassin Shammakhi for the main position, but he did not, so his chances of continuing with the team diminished, especially after the emergence of the name of Tunisian Hamdi Al-Obeidi, who is good at playing on the right and left sides, in addition to Zerdom not providing enough. To gain Al-Wuhaishi’s trust, he will also be at the head of the players that the “Al-Assimi” club intends to get rid of soon.

The scoring numbers for striker Zerdom in the Tunisian League are very weak; He participated in 30 matches, during which he scored two goals and provided a decisive pass in his previous experience with Etoile du Sahel, while he failed to score with the African during his 7 matches since joining the team last January.

The African is seeking to get rid of the Algerian left-back Nabil Lamara in the coming period, and to benefit from a good amount of money in exchange for selling it, after the “Bab Al Jadeed” club is tired of its chronic injury record and its recurrence, which represented a puzzle for the fans.

The case of the third Algerian professional in the team, Ihab Balhoussini, is no different from his two colleagues, after his appearance in the stadiums was limited to a few matches due to the recurrence of his injuries, and it is expected that his future will be outside the club soon.

Hussein Bin Ayada declined after failing to qualify for the World Cup with his country

Although the right defender appears mainly in many matches with Etoile du Sahel and in the plans of all the technicians who have supervised the team’s training during the last year and a half, it seems better for the two parties that the separation process between them takes place, despite the great technical value of the Algerian international.

It seems that Bin Ayada was recently affected by the failure of the “Greens” to achieve the goal of reaching the World Cup, so it may be appropriate for the coastal star to release him during the upcoming summer transfers, to achieve the maximum financial benefit from him, in addition to that he will be able to give the opportunity to a promising player from The club’s academy is full of distinguished talents.

Ben Ayada was subjected to harsh criticism from the former Tunisian international striker Ziad Jaziri, who accused him of “failing” and not providing the level required of him, despite receiving a large monthly salary (77,000 Tunisian dinars / 25,000 US dollars).

Malik Riah .. did not appear at the expected levels with the Sfaxien club

It is expected that the future of defensive midfielder in the ranks of CS Sfaxien, Malik Riah, will be out of CS Sfaxien soon, given that he did not perform as expected, despite being given the opportunity to participate in 12 matches in all competitions.

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