The Algerian international, Ismael Bennacer, the star of the Italian club AC Milan, is approaching the Italian league title for the first time for an Algerian player, and for the first time for the Lombardy club since 2011, and after a period of inactivity in which Juventus controlled the length and breadth of the “Scudetto” by crowning him with 9 titles in a row. Since that date, before Inter Milan broke that chain last season by snatching the title.

AC Milan leads the Italian league two stages before the conclusion of the season with 80 points, only two points behind the traditional rival Inter Milan, and Milan hosts Atalanta in the 37th stage of the Italian League before moving to Sassuolo in the last round, while Inter moves to Cagliari before to host Sampdoria.

Honoring Ismail bin Nasser by the Milan administration

In the event of Ben Nasser’s success in winning the Italian League title; He will be the first Algerian player to achieve this feat, given that players like Mourad Mughni, the former Lazio club star, and Fawzi Ghoulam, the Napoli star, had previously crowned only the Italian Cup without the league title. “.

Winning the last two matches gives AC Milan the Serie A title

The Italian League title will be available to AC Milan and its Algerian star without resorting to any calculations (by virtue of the two-point difference from Inter), if they win their last two matches in “Calcio”, the first against Atalanta at the San Siro stadium on May 15, and the second at Sassuolo Stadium On the 22nd of the same month, which guarantees him crowning the title without paying attention to the results of his rival Inter.

by achieving two victories in the last two stages; The Rossoneri will raise his score to 86 points, and he will not need to wait for his catchers to falter in his remaining two matches in the competition.

Milan win the Italian League title if they win and draw in the last two matches

The second scenario – represented by Milan winning one match and a tie in the other, gives it only two matches until the end of the league – the opportunity to return to the podium after an absence that lasted 11 years, even if Inter won its remaining two matches at the expense of Cagliari and Sampdoria, given that the League League The Italian resort to the factor of direct confrontations between the two clubs in the event of equal points (84 points in this case).

A small step separates Bennacer and Milan from the Italian League title

Milan is superior to Inter in this regard, given that it won the first leg of the Nerazzurri (2-1), while the two teams tied the return (1-1).

Milan crowned Calcio in the event of a stumble in exchange for the failure of Inter to win its two matches

As for the third scenario, which presents the crowning of the Italian League title on a silver platter to AC Milan, the Algerian international’s colleagues stumble in his remaining two matches, while Inter stumbled in his two matches as well, whether Milan lost two matches and the same for Inter, or the Rossoneri tied in two matches and the same thing. For the Nerazzurri, or even winning one game and losing the other.

Algerian fans dream of seeing Ben Nasser champion of the Italian League

It is worth noting that Bennacer is making great levels this season with Milan, according to followers, as he was twice crowned the best player in the club (for the months of March and April), respectively, and the Algerian player played 38 games with Milan in various competitions, during which he scored two goals and provided one decisive pass.

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