Two Iraqi coaches disagree over naming Betzi as the coach of the Lions of Mesopotamia

Reactions varied in Iraq to the news that the Argentine, Juan Antonio Pizzi, was named as the coach of the national team in the next stage, with a contract that extends for 4 years.

Sami Baht, the coach who specializes in analyzing the Iraqi Premier League, advised the Football Association in his country to go with the option of contracting with Argentine Pizzi, describing it as the right person for Iraqi football in preparing a team at the long level, provided that he is given full powers, with his presence in the capital, Baghdad.

Hassan Qoqiah of Iraq

In media statements, he called the Executive Office of the Iraqi Football Association to pay attention to the Sunni groups, both in clubs and teams, because they are the basis for discovering talent, calling for nominating foreign technical directors for all Iraqi teams, and not limiting this to the first team only.

On the other hand, the former coach of the Iraqi youth team, Abbas Attia, protested the decision to appoint Argentine Juan Antonio Pizzi to coach the “Lions of Mesopotamia” team, saying that he does not deserve to train the Iraqi team, and does not have any technical addition, stressing that the national team deserves much better technical efficiency than Former Chile, Valencia and Saudi coach.

Attia said: “Logic says, if you want to contract with any coach, you must study his work history in the last 5 years. Was Pizzi a successful coach in the last 5 years? Review the history a little and you will find that he did not succeed in many training stations, and therefore I do not find The most suitable option for us, and I was also surprised to say that we are in a building stage, there is no building in the national team, I go to the age groups to build, in the first team we want competition and results.”

Argentine Juan Antonio Pizzi

The former coach of the Electricity and Borders teams added: “There is a clear promotion of the foreign coach at the expense of the national in the local media, whether in television programs or even on social media. There is a clear policy to push in this direction, focusing on the fact that the foreign coach is the savior, while the local He does not deserve the opportunity, while in 18 years all foreigners have failed except for the Brazilian Jorvan Vieira, and with the failure of every foreign coach they find excuses for him, while the local bears all the consequences.”

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