Continuity or departure?  These are the details of the crucial meeting with the coach of Morocco!

Moroccan press reports revealed that there was a convergence of views that took place during the crucial meeting that took place, on Monday, May 9, between the president of the Moroccan Football Association, Faouzi Lekjaa, and the coach of the Moroccan national team, Vahid Halilhodzic.

This meeting came days after the Moroccan Football Association denied the recently circulated news about the dismissal of the Bosnian coach, who led the “Atlas Lions” to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Reportedly, Halilhodzic showed during the meeting his great commitment to continue the journey, and 3 of the Moroccan national team cadres were in his side explicitly and demanded his continuation, and the Bosnian coach made it clear that he has no personal problem with any player, and will give an opportunity to everyone who wants to engage within his work system. Respect for the Moroccan national team shirt.

Angers players celebrate Mohamed Ali Shaw's goal (right) against Bordeaux, One Winwin, Ligue 1 (Getty)

Moroccan press reports indicated that the coming period will witness face-to-face meetings between Halilhodzic and Chelsea winger Hakim Ziyech, Ajax right-back Nassir Mazraoui, and Al Ittihad Jeddah striker Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah; To settle the situation and draw a road map until the World Cup in Qatar, where the coach believes that the Moroccan team is able to be the surprise of the tournament if the right conditions are provided for the group.

Reportedly, the Portuguese coach Andre Villas-Boas was on the radar of the Moroccan Federation in the event of Halilhodzic’s departure, but Boas’s financial demands stopped the negotiations, as he requested an annual salary nearly 3 times what the current Serbian coach receives.

Why did the talk about the dismissal of Vahid Halilhodzic from coaching the Moroccan national team?

Press reports had claimed that the Moroccan Federation had taken a decision to dismiss Halilhodzic because of his statements in which he responded to the head of the Moroccan Football Association regarding the return of some excluded players such as Ziyech, Mazraoui and Hamdallah to the Moroccan squad, in order to participate in the World Cup in Qatar at the end of this year.

Ziyech, 29, announced in early February his retirement from international football, after a dispute with Halilhodzic, who accused him of disrespect, which threatens the group’s cohesion, according to the coach, and the same applies to Nasir Mazraoui, who refused the coach’s invitation because of his marginalization and accusing Halilhodzic of lying. Frankly, in a previous post on his Instagram account.

Halilhodzic was criticized for his tactical choices and the squad for the Moroccan national team, despite qualifying for the World Cup; The fans are calling for the return of Ziyech and Mazraoui, which the Bosnian coach rejects.

The World Cup draw resulted in Morocco falling into Group F, along with Belgium, Croatia and Canada. The Atlas Lions aspire to qualify for the second round of the global competition, by exploiting the factor of playing on Arab lands for the first time.

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