Why did Atletico Madrid refuse to make an honorary corridor for Real Madrid players?

It was officially announced a few days ago that Atlético Madrid refused to honor its guest Real Madrid, who won the Spanish League title for this season 2021-22, by lining up in an “honorary corridor” to salute the hero before facing the derby on Sunday, May 8 at the “Wanda Metropolitano” stadium within The 35th round of the League.

Real Madrid won the La Liga title in the last round after its 4-0 victory over Espanyol on Saturday, April 30, to ensure that the royal team achieved the Spanish League for the 35th time in its history, 4 rounds before the end of the competition.

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Many waited for Atletico Madrid’s position during its confrontation with Real Madrid after the title was decided, and it happened, as expected, the “Rojiblancos” players refused to make an honorary corridor for Real Madrid in honor of his coronation, and the Spanish newspaper “AS” reported that this matter came in response to the royal players’ refusal to do With an honorary corridor for Atletico after winning the Spanish League title in the 2013-2014 season.

What is the story of the honorary corridor in Spain?

Organizing a corridor of honor for the champion crowned with any local, continental or international titles, is a common practice in Spain, where this is left to the teams that play the next match against the champion, and the main purpose of the corridor of honor was to show respect for the hero, and to express sportsmanship, but it was not It was not a mandatory legal text at any point, more like the custom and tradition of Spanish football.

The traditions of the honor corridor in Spain go back to 1970, when Atletico Madrid was crowned with the league title, and Athletic Bilbao was the runner-up, and the two teams met after that in the King’s Cup, and the Basque team players were honored with an honorary corridor for the Madrid players.

One of the most famous honor corridors during the history of the Spanish League is what happened in 2008, when Barcelona players stood in the corridor of Real Madrid players after crowning the La Liga title, but recent years have witnessed a change for some in the concept of honorary corridor, as it moved from the concept of honor to humiliation, and changed The idea gradually, so that its makers see it as a prostration, and its receivers see it as an insult to their opponent.

In 2018, Real Madrid players refused to stand for Barcelona players after the latter was crowned with the La Liga title, and Real Madrid explained that because Barcelona players did not stand for them after winning the Club World Cup in 2017, where the stars of the Catalan team refused to make an honorary corridor for Meringue players, and then Guillermo Amore justified The director of institutional relations for Barcelona said that his club “does not provide honorary corridors for teams crowned with championships in which it is not participating, as is the case with the World Cup clubs.”

The response was, of course, ready from the Real Madrid fans, who reminded Barcelona of providing a corridor of honor for Seville after winning the European League (the European Union Cup at the time) in 2006 despite not participating in the tournament.

There is a lot of talk about honor corridors when he comes across a Clasico or Derby match; Because often the team that lines up is usually a contender for the title, and standing submissive is not only announcing the other’s coronation, but his personal loss, and perhaps Atletico Madrid’s refusal to stand for Real Madrid players has to do with the bad relationship that they have historically had.

An official statement from Atletico Madrid confirms: We will not make an honorary corridor for Real Madrid players

Atletico Madrid had issued an official statement in which he explained his position on the work of an honorary corridor before facing Real Madrid: “Some of them want to turn an idea born to recognize the hero’s eligibility, into a price to be paid publicly by competitors mixed with the smell of humiliation. Under any circumstances, Atletico Madrid will not cooperate in the implementation of this An absurdity in which the true values ​​of sport are completely forgotten and encourages tension and bickering among the fans.”

He added, “We were champions for similar situations in recent years after winning various titles, including the league title twice, and on some occasions honoring ceremonies were organized by the opposing team to our champion team, and in others not. But at any moment there were no exaggerated aspirations or controversy. It is as artificial as what we have been living through in recent weeks.”

The Madrid club explained: “Atletico Madrid is the last champion of the Spanish League. Does anyone remember any controversy about the necessity of receiving a pass of honor by their arch-rivals after winning the title? No, because there was no discussion. In the first game of this season, Celta Vigo decided not to do the pass. Honorable Mention, and it was a correct decision, because it is a sign whose purpose is to receive applause from the audience, and that is why this ceremony must take place in front of the fans of the champion team.”

The statement concluded: “The main objective cannot be to create tension and upset the atmosphere, we received a corridor of honor in our first match at our stadium with Elche. It happened naturally and we were grateful without any excessive demands. It is important to know how to lose and that You know how to win. At Atletico Madrid we never intend to impose anything on others. It is clear that we have another way of understanding life.”

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