The tie imposes itself on the African and Esperance summit in the Tunisian derby

A negative tie overshadowed the final result of the Tunisia derby between Club Africain and its guest, Esperance Sportive, today, Sunday, May 10, in the third round of the Tunisian Premier League (the coronation stage), which was held at the Olympic Stadium Hamadi Al-Aqrabi in Brades.

Esperance had the most dangerous attempt in the first half, through Tunisian international midfielder Ghaylan Chaalali, through a powerful shot that was blocked by goalkeeper Moez Hassan, while the attempts of the duo, Zuhair Al-Thawadi and Adam Al-Taous, were not enough to penetrate the defense of the “Al-Makkhakha” team, amid the isolation of striker Yassin Shammakhi. About the rest of the team.

In the second half, the preference became clear to the African club, which came close several times to shaking the Esperance net, had it not been for the brilliance of the star goalkeeper Ali Al-Jamal in addressing the African strikers’ shots on more than one occasion.

In the 60th minute, midfielder Shehab Al-Obeidi failed to score a goal after a penalty kick awarded to his colleague Yassin Al-Shamakhi, announced by referee Mahrez Al-Maliki, after returning to the video technology “VAR”, as he brilliantly tackled goalkeeper Sedki Al-Dabashi, who imposed himself as the first star of the match undisputed. ; Thanks to his decisive saves in front of the African attackers.

On the other hand, the Esperance team did not pose a great danger to goalkeeper Moez bin Hassan, with the exception of some few attempts led by the substitute Hamdou Al-Huni. The result of a goalless draw continued until the end of the confrontation, despite the many changes made by Montaser Al-Wahishi, coach of Africain, and Radhi Jaidi, coach of Esperance.

The result of the tie made Esperance to maintain the top of the group with 10 points, while ES Sahel reached the seventh point in third place, after the second Union of Monastir (8 points).

Overall, the match was mediocre at the technical level, and witnessed the brilliance of some players; At the forefront of them are Esperance goalkeeper Sedki El-Dabashi, and African defender Nader El-Ghandry, who received the highest rating in the match, according to winwin.

Rating of Esperance players against Club Africain in the Tunis derby

  • Goalkeeper: Sedky Al-Dabashi 9.5/10;
  • Defense line: Khalil Shammam 6/10, Mohamed Amin Togay 6.7/10, Raed Al-Fad’a 6.3/10, Elias Al-Shti 6.8/10;
  • Midfield: Ghaylan Chaalali 7/10, Mohamed Ali Benramadan 6.9/10, Saber Bougrin 7/10, Foussini Coulibaly 6.4;
  • Attack: Muhammad Ali Bin Hamouda 6.9/10, Kigslay Edo 6/10;
  • Subs: Hamdo El-Houni 7/10, Kofi 6.6/10.

The evaluation of the African players against Esperance in the Tunisian derby

  • Goalkeeper: Moez Hassan 7/10;
  • Defense Line: Iskandar Al-Obaidi 6.7/10, Nader Al-Ghandari 7.8/10, Rami Al-Badawi 6.7/10, Ghazi Abdel-Razzaq 6.2/10;
  • Midfield: Larry Al-Azouni 6.8/10, Ahmed Khalil 7.6/10, Shehab Al-Obeidi 5.5/10, Zuhair Al-Thawadi 6.4/10;
  • Attack: Yassin Shammakhi 6.5/10, Adam El Taous 6/10;
  • Subs: Amadou Sabo 6.8/10, Radwan Zardoum 6.6/10; Ali Al-Omari 6.2/10.

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