The Minister of Education inaugurates the International Education Conference and Exhibition 2022

The Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad bin Muhammad Al-Sheikh, inaugurated today the work of the International Conference and Exhibition for Education 2022, which will be held at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, and organized by the Ministry of Education during the period from 7 to 10 Shawwal 1443 AH (8-11 May 2022), with the participation of ministers and education experts. And more than 260 international and local universities and educational destinations from 23 countries around the world.

The conference stems from a set of goals aimed at contributing to the promotion of the Kingdom’s vision 2030, emphasizing its role as an active force in civilization, science and human progress, and reviewing the opportunities available to develop education in the Kingdom and invest its potential, through the exchange of expertise, experiences and new trends in the fields of education in accordance with the best international practices.

The Minister of Education raised during his speech to open the work of the International Conference and Exhibition for Education; Thanks and gratitude to the leadership for the generous care, good guidance and generous support that the education sector receives, wishing everyone success and success, and achieving the set goals, which reflect the leadership’s keenness to establish the language of partnership and mutual responsibility with the world, benefit from the high value of international relations and communication, and exchange educational experiences , for the benefit of the human being.

The Minister of Education said: “The International Conference and Exhibition for Education returns to performing its mission once again, stressing the Kingdom’s role and interest in improving and improving education outcomes, so that its impact is reflected on the development of human capital, which is a long-term civilized project that directly contributes to economic, social and cultural development.” Pointing out his confidence that the international conference will provide a broad gateway to opportunities, innovative ideas and inspiring results, and explore enhanced visions and models for employing technologies through digital transformations, contemporary developments in education, in addition to providing investments and financing alternatives; To provide various teaching/learning models based on differentiation to achieve the remarkable quality of educational outcomes.

He added that one of the most important objectives of the International Conference and Exhibition for Education lies in the development of human capital in accordance with the objectives of the Human Capacity Development Program, which was launched by the Crown Prince – may God protect him – as one of the ambitious programs of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030; To turn a dream into a reality, and hope into a reality; And that is by developing the capabilities of every individual in this country, to be a global competitor, and a solid building block in the social and economic building, and to keep pace with modern technical and professional changes, through training and lifelong learning.

The Minister of Education indicated that the conference and its international exhibition open wide windows towards the desired opportunities for development and creativity, and help in providing innovative solutions and non-traditional alternatives; To face challenges and come up with value-added recommendations for education, in light of the participation of ministers and education experts from 23 countries, in 11 scientific sessions, in more than 130 workshops, and more than 260 international and local bodies in the international exhibition, which means opening wide windows towards opportunities desired; To face challenges, and come up with recommendations of added value for education.

The Minister of Education concluded his speech by emphasizing the positives included in the Corona pandemic, including the speed of transformations that enabled the Kingdom to develop all operating systems related to education, especially digital transformation plans that exceeded the ability of planners and changed education trends, enhancing the culture of the entire community towards e-learning, extending thanks For educators, teachers and everyone who contributed to leading the transformation and the continuation of education in light of the pandemic.

The Minister of Education honored the sponsors of the International Conference and Exhibition for Education, including Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), King Abdulaziz University, Microsoft, Education Development Holding Company, Tatweer Building Company, and the Evaluation Authority Education and Training, the National Cybersecurity Authority, Huawei, the School League, the International Luxury Vehicles Agencies Company, the Rafid Transportation Services Company, the Development Company for Educational Technologies (Titco), Vision Colleges, the Tatweer Educational Services Company, and the University of Business and Technology.

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