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Electric car charging stations in Saudi Arabia

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Electric car charging stations in Saudi Arabia

In light of the global trend to rely on clean energy sources instead of petroleum derivatives as an important step to maintain a clean environment and reduce pollution resulting from the operation of vehicles operating with internal combustion engines; Many car enthusiasts have gone to buy eco-friendly electric vehicles with low operating costs.

Therefore, in 2018, the Kingdom announced its intention to manufacture electric cars, starting from 2019, to be the dominant cars on the streets of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Electricity Company announced that it had entered into agreements with Tepco, Takaoka Toko and Nissan Motors, to implement the first project for electric cars in Saudi Arabia. .

As well as providing electric car charging points in Saudi Arabia, to further encourage the purchase of electric cars, and rely on them instead of fuel-powered cars, which made a strong trend by international companies specialized in energy management to establish charging stations for electric cars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Electric car charging stations in Riyadh

  • The Saudi capital, Riyadh, witnessed the launch of two projects for electric car charging stations.
  • The first station that was opened was affiliated with the largest chain of gas stations, SASCO, near the Airport Road in the Saudi capital.

Electric car charging stations in Jeddah

  • In 2020, an electric vehicle charging station was established in Red Sea Mall in an area on King Abdulaziz Road in the north, with the new car park at Gate 4 Building.
  • It is the first commercial mall in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that provides this service free of charge in accordance with all categories of electric cars.
  • The station began providing its services to customers in March 2021, relying on modern technological technologies.
  • The station was implemented by the French company Schneider.

The cost of charging electric cars in Saudi Arabia

  • There was great care that the cost of charging electric cars in Saudi Arabia would be low, and less than the cost of filling the tanks of ordinary cars with fuel.
  • The cost of charging a car battery is calculated by calculating the cost of electricity at home or public charging points.
  • Therefore, to calculate the cost of charging an electric car battery; The value of the electricity cost (cents per kilowatt-hour) is multiplied by) The size of the battery is (kilowatt-hours).
  • For the owner of the electric car to charge his car from his own surgeon in his home, it is easier than charging it through the stations scattered in public places.
  • And the first level charging is home charging, in which the cost of charging an electric car if it is completely empty is about $ 10.50, and the charging time ranges from 8 hours to 24 hours.
  • In the event that the car service device uses electricity as an external unit until the second level is charged; The cost of the device will range from $300 to $1,200.
  • As for the duration of the second level of charging in public places, it is about an hour, so that the car can travel a distance of 250 km.
  • With regard to third-level charging at public charging stations or direct current fast charging; It costs $15 per hour, and the battery percentage reaches 80% in a period ranging from half an hour to 45 minutes.

Electric car chargers in Saudi Arabia

  • Launched The Saudi Electricity Company through its official website A new service, which is Electric vehicle charging systemsWithin the framework of implementing the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.
  • To subscribe to this service, click on this link and then log in to the account registered on the site.
  • After that, click on “Service requests” and from the options that will appear, click on “Request for charging electric vehicles”, then choose the type of service, whether it is self-use or commercial use.
  • Then the conditions of use and acknowledgment of obligations are read, then the account number to which the shipper is to be connected, then the applicant’s data is entered, namely the first name, the father’s name, the grandfather’s name, the last name, the membership number and the mobile number, then the account data is entered.
  • In the next step, the details of the charger to be connected are entered with the attachments uploaded.
  • The company will conduct the necessary technical studies for the request that has been submitted, and the applicant will be notified by a message containing the following procedures, then another message to complete the request, and select a qualified contractor to provide charger installation services.
  • And finally, connect the electric vehicle chargers to the electrical distribution network, after installing the qualified contractor according to the technical requirements.
  • It is worth noting that this service comes within the framework of the desire to Reduce dependence on fuel Preserving the environment after saving energy resources.

Requirements for charging electric vehicles in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has set a set of technical requirements regarding charging electric vehicles in Saudi Arabia, which are as follows:

  • Implementation of the technical requirements and standards issued by the Electricity and Cogeneration Regulatory Authority, in particular the requirements of the Saudi Building Code and the requirements of the Saudi Distribution Code, and the approval of the electrical service provider until the power is connected, while adhering to the Saudi standard specifications when implementing materials, equipment and works.
  • Approving all design work and supervising the implementation of electric vehicle charging equipment to be established after the issuance of these requirements by the qualified and approved consulting offices with the Ministry and the General Directorate of Civil Defense.

As for the architectural requirements for charging electric vehicles, they are as follows:

  • It is imperative that both types of electric car charging parking be provided in clustered locations close to the main entrances.
  • Providing directional boards directing users in parking lots to charging places, with the need to clarify those places, using reflectors or paint to draw the necessary arrows, with the need to write in both Arabic and English.
  • There must be all forms of connectors, sockets, plugs, or adapters approved by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), and there must be a distance between the charger and the electric car, and traffic should be taken into account.
  • All car parks containing electrical equipment charging equipment must be equipped with the necessary systems to protect against fire and flame spread, in accordance with the requirements of the Saudi Fire Protection Code.

Spatial organization requirements for charging electric vehicles in Saudi Arabia

  • The charging equipment shall be available in places with light, and shall not obstruct traffic.
  • Choosing the places for the cargo equipment to stop the car wheels, setbacks and sidewalks, so that the vehicle does not collide with the cargo equipment.
  • The dimensions and height of the charger shall not obstruct traffic or impede the movement of persons with disabilities.
  • Instructions for use of the charger must be drawn up as indicated in the charger’s books.
  • Open spaces for electric vehicle charging devices must be provided with awnings.
  • Indicating the allocation of parking spaces for electric cars with distinctive signs.
  • Keeping electric vehicle charging equipment away from water fountains, ponds or sprinkler irrigation networks.

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