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  • Renewable energy in Los Angeles gets support with two new proposals.
  • The first proposal includes modernizing the electricity grid and decarbonizing buildings.
  • The second proposal focuses on cars and airports giving up gas.
  • A study by the Department of Energy acknowledges that Los Angeles can achieve transformation before 2045.
  • City Council continues its efforts to achieve renewable energy goals by 2035.

It appears that renewable energy in Los Angeles is on the verge of achieving a complete transition to clean energy, after putting forward two proposals that would support achieving these goals, and based on the optimistic results of a study by the US Department of Energy.

He submitted the proposals to the city council, council members Mitch O’Farrell and Paul Krikorian, in an attempt to achieve the goal of the largest city in California – which it announced last September – to switch to 100% renewable energy by 2045 or sooner.

The two proposals will be put to the full city council for a vote, after consideration by the Energy, Climate and Environmental Justice Commission – chaired by O’Farrell.

The first proposal: the electricity network and buildings

The first proposal accelerates support for a full transition to renewable energy in Los Angeles before 2045 in two tracks; One is concerned with the electricity network, and the other is concerned with buildings.

Renewable Energy in Los Angeles
Intensive efforts to achieve the transition to renewable energy in Los Angeles by 2035 – Photo from Los Angeles Times

Regarding the Los Angeles power grid, the two city council members’ proposal called for the Water and Electricity Authority to consider the resources needed to carry out upgrades to the city’s power grid infrastructure; To ensure sustainable energy applications.

On the other hand, the second track focuses on the city’s engineering council analyzing the electrical loads of buildings and facilities in preparation for their complete decarbonization and electrification.

The proposal’s sponsor, City Council member and Chair of Energy, Climate and Environmental Justice, Mitch O’Farrell, said achieving Los Angeles’ renewable energy goals allows it a carbon-neutral future, according to California’s local Spectrum News1.

He added that the private sector may be affected by the serious steps taken by the city’s public leaders and the shift towards the use of renewable energy in public buildings, facilities and procurement and will follow them seriously, pointing out the need for accurate and quick measures at the same time so that the city can achieve its goals.

Suggestion Two: Say Goodbye to Gas

The second proposal prepares to further promote the spread of renewable energy in Los Angeles through the concerted efforts of the city’s administrations and authorities, especially since the proposed paths constitute a coup against the use of gas.

On the one hand, departments and agencies will have to submit their reports and time plans to the city council, including plans to de-use and purchase gas-powered vehicles, as well as construction tools and equipment.

On the other hand, these departments are monitoring carbon-neutral facilities, sites and parks, with a plan to implement the same in projects and concessions of the city’s Water and Electricity Authority, as well as the Port of Los Angeles and the Department of Recreation and Parks.

This plan and the expected efforts come despite the city’s total electricity capacity of 7 gigawatts and 880 megawatts, supported by a network of electric current transmission lines that extends for more than 3,600 miles.

According to the proposal, clean energy efforts include 590 buildings and facilities, 16,000 acres of parks, and 400 picnic and parking sites.

Efforts to combat the carbon footprint and support renewable energy in Los Angeles are also expanding to include global airports, water and electricity management.

The evolution of electricity production from renewable sources in California
The evolution of electricity production from renewable sources in California

The importance of renewable energy in Los Angeles

The US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory previously conducted the largest study of its kind in government, concluding that accelerating the city’s solar, wind and electrical storage deployments could support a full transition to renewable energy in Los Angeles ahead of the pre-set schedule by 2045.

The city council is making efforts to support plans for a complete transition to renewable energy in Los Angeles before 2045, especially since the largest cities in the US state of California are among the main buyers of gas-powered appliances, equipment and vehicles.

The General Services Administration is processing dozens of requests for gas-powered equipment, received by the city’s concerned authorities, especially if the two proposals are supported by the city council.

In September of last year, the city council voted to achieve a 100% complete transformation of water and electricity management by 2035 and create 10,000 green jobs, supporting Los Angeles’ renewable energy plans.

The value of the city’s energy transformation investments amounts to $87 billion, some of which may extend to support the infrastructure transformation, according to what the Daily News reported at the time.

The 2035 deadline for achieving the Los Angeles renewable energy and water and electricity management goals is a significant achievement. It is 10 years ahead of the state’s 2020 target for the same goal.

The city council had been aiming to achieve a full renewable energy transition in Los Angeles by 2045, but the city’s climate efforts point to achieving those goals by 2035.

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