California governor faces accusations of fraud and use of climate change to justify electricity crises

California’s energy files entered the struggle for the state’s governor position, and the current administration received an attack on its performance in the electricity and water sectors, amid accusations of not preparing facilities for possible outages in the next 3 years.

And criticized the candidate for the position of California governor, writer interested in environmental issues and climate change, Michael Schellenberger, the statements of the current state governor about the possibility of exposure to new blackouts this summer.

Schellenberger attacked the statements of Gavin Newsom, which coincided with the announcement of California’s generation of its entire electric power at the end of last week, through renewable energy sources.

State officials under Newsom’s leadership were quick to accuse “climate change” of being behind the potential outages, especially after outages were announced during the summer over the next 3 years.

Officials confirmed that California’s electricity supply lacks approximately 1 gigawatt and 800 megawatts; So you can meet the demand, and ensure the regularity of the current.

Where is the nuclear power and gas?

Electricity in California
Previous outages in California’s power grid – Photo from The New York Times

Michael Schellenberger saw that relying heavily on renewable energy – alone – to provide the electricity needed to meet the demand in the state could lead to a disaster, especially since high temperatures in the summer, in conjunction with power outages, may lead to the “death” of some people as a result of the inability to Running air coolers.

He justified this by the impact of renewable energy production on weather fluctuations and weather changes, noting that there is a crisis in regulating the surplus of renewable electricity during times of low demand, and on the contrary, times of peak demand may coincide with low production.

He said that he had been issuing his warnings to Californians, for the past 6 years, about the disaster of relying heavily on renewable electricity, closing nuclear plants, and reversing the construction of natural gas power plants, and he testified before Congress on the matter.

He explained that the state’s residents pay the highest cost in America for electricity supplies, while at the same time they are threatened with widespread power outages.

Climate change and electricity prices

Michael Schellenberger has attributed the turmoil in the state’s electricity sector to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s insistence that climate change is behind the lack of electricity production without examining the real causes, or starting to build new gas-fired power plants.

He added that during successive crises in California, Newsom looks for someone to hold him responsible, and “climate change” becomes the culprit in these cases, if the state’s governor does not find someone to blame.

Michael accused those responsible for announcing the generation of 100% of electricity through renewable sources in the state of practicing “deception and misinformation”, especially since the massive production that contributed to meeting the demand lasted for only a few minutes.

He said that, other than those minutes, production rates did not match the levels of demand for electricity in California, which pushed its prices to rise 7 times higher than the rest of the US states over the past 10 years.

And the matter did not stop there, as, in conjunction with the announcement of the possibility of the state experiencing outages during the summer until 2025, officials supporting Gavin Newsom confirmed their intention to raise electricity prices by 9% annually for the same period.

Batteries .. Are you facing climate change?

Michael Schellenberger ruled out the possibility of storage batteries making up for the difference in demand for electricity in California, pointing out that the extent of climate change manifestations that swept the state and need to be dealt with without affecting the work of basic facilities is increasing day by day.

He pointed out that at a time when California was able to obtain 100% of the demand for electricity through renewable sources, it was forced to cut the power, as he explained in a series of tweets on his Twitter page, some of which were transferred to his website.

The candidate for California governor said that Newsom’s associates announced Thursday that climate change will prompt blackouts soon, stressing at the same time that the power outages over the past four years are caused by the failure to build additional plants to meet the demand.

It seems that the attack on the state’s governor, Gavin Newsom, was not only caused by electricity crises, as Schellenberger added that California is prone to severe drought, and the current administration has not undertaken any water storage or desalination projects.

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