Algeria refuses to play Uruguay in friendly for this reason

The Algerian French-language newspaper, “Competition”, said that the Algerian Football Association had obtained many offers from football federations from South America and Europe, in order to program a friendly match with the Algerian national team during the month of June, foremost of which is an offer from the Uruguayan team. .

Algeria will play two official matches in the African Nations Cup 2023 qualifiers next month, the first against Uganda on June 4 in Algeria, and the second on the eighth of the same month against Tanzania in Dar es Salaam, and there will be plenty of time for the technical director of the “Greens”, Jamal Belmadi. To schedule another friendly match, given that the international break will continue until June 14.

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The Algerian newspaper confirmed that the Algerian Federation obtained two official offers, the first from Uruguay and the second from Ecuador, and the two teams are seeking to face an African team in preparation for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, after they were drawn with two teams from the brown continent, Ghana with Uruguay in Group H, and Senegal with Ecuador in Group One. .

The same source continued to confirm that Belmadi is not enthusiastic about facing the Ecuadorean team, while he refused to face Uruguay, considering that the local federation requested that the confrontation take place on its soil, which does not help the Algerian team, which will move to Dar es Salaam to face the Tanzanian team.

Belmadi prefers, according to the same source, to schedule a friendly meeting in Algeria to test some of the new players expected in the next camp, as well as to facilitate the task of Riyad Mahrez’s colleagues in returning to their families (most of them in Europe) and the beginning of their summer vacation after a hard season, instead of arduous travel programming. Towards South America confuse their accounts at the end of the season.

It is worth noting that Belmadi is still studying the possibility of holding a third match during the upcoming international break, and he may settle – according to many identical sources – on facing an African team because the Algerian team will not be interested in the World Cup, and it is better, according to followers, to focus on football African football, as it may compete in the 2023 African Cup of Nations qualifiers with some new names.

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