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Within days, Angola will host the African Oil Exhibition and Conference, in the presence of 15 crude-producing countries in the brown continent, at a time when oil and gas prices are witnessing unprecedented record highs.

The exhibition and conference will be held in its eighth session, from 16 to 19 May, in Luanda, Angola, and it includes a 3-day high-level strategic conference, a trade fair, as well as technical and tourism field visits.

The African Petroleum Exhibition and Conference is the largest event in Africa, and aims to provide investors with information about the fossil fuel industry in the continent.

The aim of the conference

Oil and gas in Africa
Secretary General of the African Organization of Petroleum Producers – Dr. Omar Farouk Ibrahim

Omar Farouk Ibrahim, Secretary-General of the African Organization of Petroleum Producers (APO), said that the African Oil Exhibition and Conference aims to see the different ideas of industry experts on issues affecting the oil and gas sector, to come up with recommendations to be submitted to decision makers in African countries to advance the oil and gas industry. Fossil fuels in the countries of the continent.

The Secretary-General of the Organization – co-organizing the event – stressed that for more than 90 years, and since Africa became a black crude-producing continent, the focus has been on the export of oil abroad, as the organization aimed to find markets for African oil, provide financing sources, and search for technological support and experience.

The agreement to establish APO was signed in January 1987 in Lagos, Nigeria, with its headquarters in Congo-Brazzaville, and its membership currently includes 18 African countries.

The future of the oil and gas industry

With the global shift away from fossil fuels, the organization is examining the future of the oil and gas industry in a market of 1.3 billion people on the African continent, which produces 7 million barrels per day of black crude.

At the end of 2018, the member states of the African Organization of Petroleum Producers possessed up to 125 billion barrels of proven reserves, which represents 7.7% of the world’s oil reserves.

The Secretary-General of the African Organization of Petroleum Producers said that the organization was established more than 25 years ago, so there was an urgent need for its restructuring and reform, especially since the global energy landscape has changed dramatically between the time of the establishment of Obo in 1987, and the past 10 years.

Ibrahim added, in statements to Africa News Channel, that when the African Oil Producers Organization was established, the challenge that concerned the countries of the world was: When will the black crude run out, which is the thinking that dominated the countries of the world at the time, while at the present time the thinking has changed completely to move from fossil fuels to energies renewable.

The Ministerial Council of the Organization had agreed to reorganize the Obo General Secretariat to improve the efficiency and quality of work, and to face the imminent challenges that the energy transition would pose to African oil and gas producing countries.

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