A promising Italian star ends the story of the Algerian Adam Ounass with Napoli

Napoli Magazine, quoting the Italian newspaper, “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, revealed a sudden change in the future of the Algerian international, Adam Ounas, the star of the Italian club Napoli, at the end of the current season, noting that the winger is about to leave the team next summer, despite the news that he has A strong tendency within the club to give him a new chance next season, after his few participations this season due to injury.

The famous Italian newspaper said that the Naples club management, on the recommendation of coach Luciano Spalletti, is heading to restore its promising star, Alessio Zerbin (23 years), next season, and he went on loan this season with Frosinone in the Italian second division, and presented very great levels. .

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Zerbin succeeded in providing great levels, according to the followers, with Frosinone this season, as he played 32 matches in various competitions, during which he scored 9 goals and provided 3 assists. He also gained, according to analysts, the experience of participating regularly in matches before returning to Napoli.

And the newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport” confirmed that Napoli’s restoration of the services of its young player next season, will mean – in a very large proportion – the departure of the Algerian international and Nass from the team, especially since the two players are both active in the same center, noting that the Naples administration seeks to invest in its promising star, instead of Giving a new chance to Lunas, who suffered from an injury nightmare with the Italian club South.

Algerian Adam Ounass is close to leaving his Italian club Napoli

The Algerian winger had decided to stay in Naples last summer at the insistence of coach, Spalletti, who refused his departure and promised to rely on him during this season, but this matter did not materialize on the ground and Wanas spent most of his time on the bench before the nightmare of injuries complicated his situation.

It is worth noting that the star of the Algerian national team has a contract with Napoli that extends until the summer of 2023, and if the two parties do not reach an agreement to renew the contract; Napoli will have to sell it this summer, according to the followers, knowing that Ounas joined Napoli in the summer of 2017, and has left it several times to play on loan, to the French clubs Nice, Crotone and Cagliari, the Italians.

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