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The crisis of Iranian gas pumping to Iraq continues to dominate the electricity sector in Baghdad, which has been suffering greatly since the decline in the quantities received from Tehran; What caused frequent outages in all parts of the Republic.

To this end, the Acting Iraqi Minister of Electricity, Adel Karim, visited Iran a week ago; To discuss the resumption of gas pumping at the rates agreed upon between the two countries, while scheduling the debts owed by Baghdad.

Today, Sunday, May 8, the spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, Ahmed Musa, announced a breakthrough in the Iranian gas negotiations, which would raise the quantities from 8 to 30 million cubic meters per day, and agree to pay the dues within 3 years.

These moves come from Baghdad, in an attempt to solve the electricity crisis, which worsens annually in the summer, and to search for securing the fuel sources needed to operate the stations, most of which depend on gas.

Negotiations to pump Iranian gas to Iraq

In his statements, which were reported by the Iraqi newspaper “Al-Sabah”, Ahmed Moussa said: “There are previous agreements with Iran to supply gas at different rates in summer and winter, ranging between 50 and 70 million cubic meters per day in order to operate the stations.”

Iranian gas to Iraq
A spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, Ahmed Musa – archive

Moussa continued: “The past period witnessed a variation in gas emissions, as it receded and decreased to large levels ranging between 5 and 8 million cubic meters per day, which was reflected in the supply of electrical energy and made the system in a critical condition and a great challenge, due to the suspension of some obstetric units and the increase in loads.”

Iraq suffers from frequent power cuts, which in some governorates have reached more than 10 hours per day; This caused a wave of anger among the citizens, which prompted the resignation of the Minister of Electricity, Majid Hantoush, on June 29 of last year, after which Adel Karim took over the ministry as acting.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity, Ahmed Moussa, says that “the understandings with the Iranian side, according to government data and the Prime Minister’s directives, have resulted in raising the ratio from 8 million to 30 million cubic meters per day, although this quantity does not meet Iraq’s need to provide electric energy with entry peak loads of the current summer.

He added, “Negotiations are still ongoing with the Iranian side, as a government delegation recently visited the capital, Tehran, in order to raise gas rates in favor of electricity, in addition to agreeing on a mechanism for paying dues after the prime minister agreed that it would be paid within 3 years in order to raise the releases.” .

Iranian gas alternatives to Iraq

Iraq seeks to find other alternatives to Iranian gas; So he headed to Qatar, in an attempt to secure his needs for the gas needed to run power stations.

On February 7, the Acting Minister of Electricity, Adel Karim, held talks with the Qatari Minister of Energy, Saad bin Sherida Al-Kaabi, in Doha, about the possibility of supplying gas to Baghdad.

On the 24th of the same month, a spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity revealed, in statements to “Energy”, “a preliminary agreement that the Qatari side expressed its willingness to supply, which is 1.5 million tons per year of compressed liquefied gas.”

Moussa said at the time: “This process requires gas platforms in Iraq’s ports, and then pipelines to transport gas to power stations,” expecting a period of no less than a year and a half, until Qatari gas reaches Iraq.

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