To localize 4 professions today .. “Resources” for “Okaz”: incentives to employ Saudis in the private sector

Today (Sunday) the decision of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, to limit work to Saudis in the professions of secretarial, translation, stock keeper and data entry, will enter into force in various regions of the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Human Resources revealed to “Okaz” that the decision applies to all private sector establishments operating in the Saudi market, in which one or more workers work in the mentioned professions, and in the event that professions are targeted in previous decisions or subsequent decisions for a specific profession or professions in different proportions. In line with the labor market variables and needs, the higher Emiratisation rate is applied, pointing out that the decision took into account the labor market conditions in the targeted activities and the number of job seekers, as well as the reality of the private sector and its ability to absorb human cadres.

The Ministry of Resources stated that a package of incentives and support will be provided related to supporting private sector establishments in employing Saudis, including the following programs: support for the process of attracting and searching for suitable workers, support for the necessary training and qualification processes, support for the recruitment process and job stability, priority to benefit from all support programs Emiratisation available to the system, support and employment programs through the Human Resources Development Fund “Hadaf”, and the mechanism for implementing penalties and legal procedures.

The Ministry of Human Resources indicated that in order for the Saudi worker to be calculated in the imposed Saudization rate, the monthly wage registered for him in the General Organization for Social Insurance starts from 5,000 riyals, as the Saudi worker who receives a wage less than that will not be counted in the Saudization percentage.

The Ministry of Human Resources confirmed that in the event that the facility does not comply with the required Saudization percentage, or assign any of the tasks of those nationalized professions to a non-Saudi worker – directly or indirectly – under any other job title, the penalties for Emiratisation violations stipulated in the ministerial decision will be applied. No. 178743 dated 9/27/1440 AH, taking into account the amendments that may occur to it, and all electronic services related to the targeted professions (issuing visas for the profession, transferring a service to the profession, automatically modifying a profession to the facility) will be suspended, and the service of renewing work permits will be stopped. Based on the provisions of Article (35) of the Labor Law, which permitted refraining from renewing work licenses for the facility in case of violation of the criteria for settlement. The Ministry of Resources indicated that the Saudi workers who are required to be present in these professions and who have a contractual relationship with the employer to perform work mainly in return for a wage, that it does not require full-time, and that their contracts can be in any work style (full, part-time, flexible (working by the hour), according to the specific conditions for the calculation). This comes in implementation of a decision issued last October to limit work in these professions in private sector establishments to Saudis, while setting a minimum wage for the professions of translation and stock custodians of 5,000 riyals.

This decision will provide 20,000 jobs for male and female citizens, and it comes as a continuation of the ministry’s efforts to provide an appropriate and stimulating work environment for male and female citizens and to expand their participation in the labor market.

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