The most important of them is related to her husband.. 4 lessons from Anas Jaber's sports career

Anas Jaber continued to write history, as the Tunisian star crowned the Madrid Masters Tennis Championship, after winning the final match today, Saturday, May 7th, over American Jessica Pegula.

The 27-year-old Tunisian star won the match in two sets against one, with results: 7-5, 0-6, 6-2, in one hour and 54 minutes. This is the second crowning of the Tunisian champion during her professional career, after the first she achieved in the English Birmingham Championship last year.

The world tennis legend was considered by some experts and former players as the greatest Arab and African tennis player in history. She became the first Arab and African player to achieve this feat in one of the WTA-1000 Masters tournaments.

The Tunisian has not lost her place in the list of the top 10 players in the world rankings since October 2021, and she became the first Arab (at the level of women and men), as she broke the number of retired Moroccan star Younes El-Ainawy, who previously reached the 14th place in the world.

The winwin website presents the 4 most important lessons that we draw from the journey of the “icon” of Arab tennis on the path to success, which was not strewn with roses.

1- Keep fighting till the end

Reaching your goals takes a tough battle, especially if you don’t see results in the short term. Anas Jaber found herself on the losing side early in her career, but she kept fighting.

We say here that the important thing is not to give in to despair just because the odds are not in your favor, as long as there is still time, you are still the fighter in the battle. Jaber was like many of the world’s most brilliant athletes; The target of criticism over the years, but she hasn’t allowed anyone else to detract from her happiness.

2- Adhering to the realization of the dream, no matter the size of the setbacks

The emotion that Jaber has when she wins matches reflects the amount of work she has done, as she has had a huge amount of setbacks and losses, and she had to work long enough to top the list. Perhaps the most prominent evidence of this is what she wrote after her exit from the last eight of the Roland Garros tournament last year.

Tunisian tennis star Anas Jaber celebrates the 2022 Madrid title

Jaber commented on the farewell to the championship in a post she posted on her Facebook page, in which she showed her toughness and aspirations for a better future. She wrote: “Thank you, Roland Garros. I will come back stronger. Good luck to the excellent Corey Gough. We must never give up.”

3- Not being satisfied with a little and always looking for new achievements

After qualifying for the semi-finals at the Indian Wells International, she became the first Arab player to climb to the top ten in the WTA rankings.

The first statement from the Tunisian hero was: “The dream has come true. This is something I have wanted… since I was 16 years old,” and she added, “Being in the top ten is just the beginning. I know I deserved this place for a long time, but I want to Proving that I deserve to be in this position.” This speech is like a message from Jaber; A person must always look for the best in his life, no matter how successful he is.

4- Loyalty to her coach, Issam Al-Jalali, and her husband

The Tunisian star does not have a world-famous coach, as her compatriot Issam Al-Jalali, the former Tunisian tennis player, has been training her since February 2020, and she confirmed on more than one occasion that she is satisfied with this relationship, and she said in media statements in this regard: “My tennis coach is Someone I respect a lot.”

She added, “We started together from nothing. We are now in the top ten in the WTA rankings. Some people have questioned our relationship a lot, but we are bonded together, I don’t have to have a very experienced coach, we have to change that mentality.” And she continued, “The most important thing is that the coach really understands his player, from here you can do amazing things. That’s what we did with my coach… I hope we can continue to work well together.”

Some Tunisian fans demanded that Jaber change her coach, Issam Jalali, and her physical trainer (husband) Karim Kammoun, but she refused, and declared complete loyalty to her coach and her husband.

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