Fans express their anger at the mysterious statement of the Algerian Federation

Algerian fans expressed their great anger at the Algerian Football Association, due to the vague and incomplete statement, according to followers, which was published late on Friday, May 7, regarding Algeria’s complaint about the referee of the match between Algeria and Cameroon in the second leg of the qualifying round World Cup 2022.

The Algerian Football Association published a statement on its official website confirming that it had received a response from the FIFA Referees Committee regarding Algeria’s complaint, and it said: “We regret that, according to your assessment, the referee’s decisions may have a negative impact on the course of the match. We carefully studied the elements of the protest, and we can indeed To ensure that all match footage has been carefully checked by the VARs, in accordance with the Laws of the Game and the Assistant Referee Technology Protocol.”

The Algerian federation was satisfied with this amount of the response of the FIFA Referees Committee and without providing any other clarifications or explanation of the ambiguous points, according to the Algerians, in the vague statement, including whether the decision was final and decisive in Algeria’s complaint, or it was related to a preliminary response confirming the study of the complaint Before adjudicating the final decision.

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The statement of the Algerian Federation, which was published late at night, caused the suspension of its official website due to the number of millions of visits, which puzzled the Algerian fans, who soon expressed their anger at the “unprofessional” way, according to which media officials dealt with “Al-Ittihad.” “With this issue, at a time when millions of Algerians were awaiting FIFA’s decisive decision.”

Algerians attacked the National Union on social media platforms, and one of them said: “It (the statement) is ambiguous,” and another continued, questioning the validity of the statement: “The timing of its publication…there is no statement on the Algerian Union accounts on Twitter and Facebook… The answer is not clear, no, it is positive.” Neither negative. We did not understand anything.”

Another fan continued: “Neither it is a positive nor a negative response, as if the ending (in the statement) was missing,” before another fan added: “I did not understand anything, and above all this publication at this late hour of the night,” the majority of the Algerian fans did not understand. Until now, the Algerian Federation did not want to clarify this issue, at a time when the Football Association has not published any clarification until now.

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