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Major car and truck manufacturers have begun to pump billions of dollars into studying and developing electric trucks, with expectations of a growth in the electrification market for heavy and medium trucks in the next few years.

In the latest move, Volvo has boosted its electric ambitions by announcing the opening of orders for its electric heavy-duty trucks in Europe.

In addition, Volta Trucks plans to enter the US market, and start operating its Volta Zero truck on the streets of Los Angeles by the end of next year, The Driven reported.

Volvo Trucks

Volvo, the world’s second largest manufacturer of heavy trucks, has revealed that it has started receiving orders on the European continent for the electric FH, FM and FMX models.

electric trucks
Electric trucks from Volvo Trucks – photo from The Drive website

It will start production of its electric trucks – initially – at the carbon-neutral “Tuff” plant in Gothenburg, Sweden, along with its medium-sized electric trucks.

Volvo Trucks President Roger Alm said the move is a milestone for Volvo Trucks, especially as customers are increasingly interested in placing orders for this truck.

During 2021, Volvo Trucks received orders and letters of intent for more than 1,100 electric trucks in more than 20 countries, mostly from Norway, Sweden and Germany.

Although it aims to dominate the European market; It expects its electric trucks to make their way to Australia.

To achieve this, Volvo announced, last March, the end of the testing program for its mid-size electric trucks, FL Electric; To see how fast charging and Australian temperatures affect the truck’s range, battery charge and performance.

Volta trucks

Volvo wasn’t the only electric truck company with new offerings; Volta has launched two new models of the Volta Zero electric truck, with a capacity of 7.5 tons and 12 tons, bringing a range of 4 models, which includes trucks with a capacity of 16 and 18 tons.

The Volta Zero is an all-electric mid-size truck, built specifically for service logistics In cities, the 16-ton Volta Zero uses either a 150 kWh battery or a higher capacity 225 kWh battery, providing a range of 145 km and 200 km respectively.

electric trucks
Electric trucks from Volta – photo from the company’s website

In addition, Volta will initially offer a trial fleet of 100 Class 7 trucks with a capacity of 16.5 tons with refrigerated box or dry cargo transport, the equivalent of the current European 16 ton truck.

The fleet is scheduled to be rolled out in mid-2023 for US customers to start evaluating; The company will roll out electric trucks in Los Angeles, and then in other cities.

“Since the launch of Volta Trucks in 2019 and the unveiling of the Volta Zero in September 2020, European cities such as London and Paris have welcomed it,” said founder Karl Magnus Nordern.

“The electrification of trucks proves that our concept is in line with customers’ needs. It is time to expand our geographic horizons and look to the North American market, with more than 6,000 pre-orders from some of Europe’s largest fleet operators.”

nikola trucks

Earlier this week, electric truck company Nikola revealed the start of serial production of its electric Tri-trucks at its Arizona plant.

electric trucks
Nikola Electric Trucks – Image via Inside EV

The truck is designed to have a range of 560 km thanks to a 753 kWh battery pack and 645 hp engine.

The battery can be charged from 10% to 80% in 120 minutes with a 240 kW charger, and the truck has a speed of 120 km/h.

Meanwhile, Nikola plans to introduce the Trey fuel cell electric truck (FCEV) next year, with a range of up to 800 km and a 20-minute refueling time.

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