Al-Fateh forced its guest Al-Ittihad to a 4-4 draw on Friday, May 6th, in an exciting match between the two teams for the 26th round of the Saudi Professional League.

Petros Mateus scored the first goal of Al-Fateh in the tenth minute of the first half, while Romarinho equalized the score for Al-Ittihad in the 17th minute of the same stage.

Tunisian Naim Al-Saliti glows with two goals with his team, Al-Ittifaq Al-Saudi

Igor Coronado managed to score the advance goal for Al-Ittihad in the 20th minute, and Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah doubled the score with a third goal for Al-Ameed in the 42nd minute of the first half.

Firas Al-Braikan reduced the score to Al-Fateh with a second goal in the 45th minute of the same stage, before Sufian Bin Dabka managed in the second half to score the equalizer for Al-Fateh in the 60th minute.

Romarinho advanced again for Al Ittihad with a third goal in the 77th minute of the second half of the match, before Firas Al-Braikan equalized the score for Al-Fateh in the 83rd minute of the match.

Despite the result of the draw, Al-Ittihad continued its lead in the Saudi League with 61 points, and lost two valuable points in the title struggle with Al-Nasr, the runner-up with 51 points, and Al-Hilal, which occupies third place with 49 and has two matches postponed, while Al-Fateh raised its score to 32 points, and it ranks eighth in the table arrangement.

A negative tie decides the match between Abha and Al-Faisaly

In another match in the same stage, a 0-0 tie settled the match between Abha and Al-Faisaly, and there were some opportunities for the two teams in the first stage, but it did not bring anything new in the result.

In the second half, the referee canceled a goal, scored by Al-Faisaly, after returning to the “mouse” video technology, due to the presence of infiltration. The result of the match did not change, so that the two teams scored a point each, as Al-Faisaly’s balance became 29 points in ninth place, while Abha raised its score to 33 points in seventh place.

A great victory for the victory over the youth

At the end of Friday’s matches, Al-Nassr achieved a great victory over its guest Al-Shabab 4-2, in the competitions of the same stage, and Al-Nasr raised its score to 51 points to rise to second place after playing 26 games, two points ahead of Al-Hilal, the third-ranked player, who played only 24 games. On the other hand, the youth balance froze at 47 points in fourth place.

Al-Nassr advanced through Abdel-Ilah Al-Omari in the 18th minute, before Taliska scored the second goal from a penalty kick in the 31st minute. In the 34th minute, Abdel-Majid Al-Salihem added the third goal for Al-Nassr, while Taliska scored the second and fourth goal for Al-Nassr in the 50th minute.

Al Shabab returned to the match scoring two goals, as Turki Al-Ammar scored the first goal in the 55th minute, before Carlos Junior added the second goal in the 80th minute.

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