The Egyptian Minister of Petroleum: We are implementing several projects to secure the local needs of petrochemicals - energy

The Egyptian Minister of Petroleum, Tarek El-Molla, stressed the role played by the petrochemical sector in securing the increasing domestic needs, in conjunction with the high oil and gas prices and their record levels.

El Molla said that there is an ambitious vision that aims to achieve more successes in the petrochemical industry during the coming period, as it is a value-added industry and achieves optimal exploitation of Egypt’s natural resources, especially natural gas, which will have a positive impact on the national economy.

The Egyptian Minister of Petroleum directed the importance of coordination and continuous follow-up of the implementation of new projects, as well as periodic maintenance and development work being implemented in existing petrochemical companies using the latest advanced technologies to keep pace with the challenges and changes taking place in global markets.

He added that this comes with taking into account the application of occupational safety and health procedures and preserving the environment, and working to overcome any challenges that may affect the implementation stages according to the specific time programs, to meet the needs of the growing local market and reduce the import quantities of petrochemical products on which many small and medium complementary industries are based. .

petrochemical projects

The two projects for the production of medium-density wood panels – MDF – in Idku, in the Lake District, with a production capacity of 205 thousand cubic meters per year, depending on 250 thousand tons per year of rice straw as a feed material, with a total investment of 284 million euros (301 million dollars), and a bio-methanol production project with a production capacity 100,000 tons of sugar beet molasses annually, with a total investment of $112 million, from the ongoing projects that contribute to preserving the environment.

A number of development and modernization projects are also being implemented in a number of petrochemical companies affiliated with the Holding Company, including projects to replace and renew the assets of the Egyptian Petrochemical Company and rehabilitate its factories and automatic control rooms to keep pace with the latest technologies in accordance with international standard codes to increase production capacity.

vinyl chloride factory

The trial operation of the new thermal cracking unit in the vinyl chloride monomer plant of the Egyptian Petrochemical Company is also currently being completed.

One of the petrochemical sector projects in Egypt
One of the petrochemical sector projects in Egypt

SIDPEC has also succeeded in carrying out the major maintenance during the past year, which is the largest and most important maintenance during the past 5 years, which contributed to achieving the company’s production plan by 108%.

SIDPEC has started to take measures to partner with the Nigerian company “Rangas” to cooperate in the construction of a petrochemical production complex in Nigeria. Elab is currently implementing a number of projects that contribute to increasing the production capacity of the alkyl benzene product by 25%, and a project to convert the HAP product into the Lapp product.

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