Analysts and commentators have mastered the description of Real Madrid in the most beautiful terms, after the lessons it provided in the current version of the Champions League, the latest of which was the historical “Remontada” that led it to the final at the expense of Manchester City.

The Royal Club managed to turn things around in its favour, in the last moments of the match, as it was just around the corner from leaving the tournament before the young Brazilian Rodrigo scored two goals for him, then French Karim Benzema added the third goal to cross the team to the final scene with a 6-5 advantage between the go ( He lost 3-4) and the return (he won 3-1).

Karim Benzema scores Real Madrid's third goal against Man City

After the end of the beautiful summit in the “Santiago Bernabeu” stadium, praises were poured out on Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti and his heroes, who were able to bring out the three most prominent candidates for the title in the same way, and they are, respectively: Paris Saint-Germain in the final price, Chelsea in the quarter-finals, and Man City in the semi-finals.

And because City played a good match and created many opportunities, and the best overall was between home and away, and its Spanish coach Pep Guardiola did not “philosophize” as usual and adhered to logic in the conduct of the two matches, the analysts were silent about a logical explanation for the reason for Manchester City’s loss and found in the term “hero personality” the only refuge. To explain the superiority of Real Madrid.

In the Levant and the Maghreb, everyone, Arabs and non-Arabs, agreed that what gave Real Madrid the victory over Manchester City was the “hero’s personality” and the terrifying white shirt for all clubs, especially in the Champions League.

We agree with analysts and commentators in many of the descriptions they give to the royal club, as it is the master of championships, the holder of records and the ancient history, and it is the club of the century who wants whoever wants and refuses whomever he wants, but in the football match these matters come in the last place after the mental, physical and technical readiness of the competitors. And also after a bit of luck and luck that everyone needs in football as in normal human life.

Where was the hero figure when Roma and Leon were arriving and roaming at the Santiago Bernabeu?

We open the history book of Real Madrid’s participation in the European Champions League, and we find it an ancient, glorious and distinguished team, but it is like any other team that goes through bad times and dark stages even in its favorite competition, when it lacks the so-called “hero character” and falls against clubs from the second and third ranks in Europe.

Between 2004 and 2010, Real Madrid did not succeed in getting past the quarter-finals of the prestigious European competition, although it had a squad full of stars and legends, such as French Zinedine Zidane, Spain’s Raul Gonzalez, Brazilian Roberto Carlo, Italian Fabio Cannavaro, and others.

About those dark years in Europe for Real Madrid, we wonder… Where was the hero’s personality? Where is the white shirt’s vigor and the horror of the “Santaigo Bernabéu”, and other myths that have faded on the field on more than one occasion in front of opponents ready and motivated to win and excel.

Real Madrid fans remember how the Italian Roma used to play back and forth against the “Galacticos”, and the memory of the heroes preserves the victory of the Italian capital’s wolves on their land and abroad with the same result 2-1 in the final price of the 2007/2008 season.

The records of the owner also keep the resounding fall of Benzema, Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, Brazilian Kaka, Spanish Iker Casillas, Brazilian Marcelo, and other stars, against French club Lyon, who never reached the final of the tournament, but he eliminated her “master” by defeating him 2-1 on aggregate. 2010.

Where was “the hero’s personality, during the two confrontations with Lyon and Rome, and where did he disappear during the Juventus win back and forth, and where was he absent when Arsenal occupied the “Santiago Bernabeu” and crossed to the quarter-finals in 2006, on his way to reach the Paris final, which he lost to Barcelona 1-2.

Milan is a great team and has a glorious history, but it lost the 2005 final against another venerable Liverpool, after it was ahead 3-0 in the first half, then collapsed in the second half and Liverpool won the championship, and then its historical president Silvio Berlusconi commented, saying: No Milan was Neither bad nor Liverpool was supernatural.. Only the will of God has snatched the title from us.”

Football is not governed by slogans, colors and history. Rather, it is the reality of the field, small details, work, work and a little luck. Otherwise, Benfica, Ajax, Nottingham Forest, Marseille, Porto, and other prestigious clubs would not have left the championship title.

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