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Saudi Arabia launched the first tenders for the huge marine entertainment project “The Rig”, which it had previously announced last October.

The entertainment project, which is supervised by the Saudi Public Investment Fund, simulates the huge oil and gas platforms, and comes as part of the Kingdom’s efforts to achieve diversification and innovation in the entertainment and tourism sectors, according to what the “Energy Voice” platform announced.

The platform quoted sources, that the first tenders for the project were launched, with expectations that the value of the work in the project will initially amount to more than 5 billion dollars, as the “Oil Park Development Company”, affiliated with the Investment Fund in Saudi Arabia, requested offers from international oil and gas contractors for the marine tourism project. huge.

Project business cost

The Saudi Public Investment Fund said that drilling work on The Rig project, which is its latest project in the tourism and entertainment sectors, will center around a series of oil and gas facilities in the shallow waters of the Arabian Gulf.

He explained that the project will extend over a total area of ​​more than 150,000 square meters, as bids will be submitted in a similar way to those submitted for oil and gas projects, starting with engineering studies, moving to engineering and front design, then procurement and construction.

The total value of the works offered in The Rig project so far is expected to exceed $5 billion, and the Sovereign Wealth Fund, which owns the Public Investment Fund, will pay the costs within a short period of time, ranging between 27 and 30 months.

Aramco Saudi Arabia
Saudi Aramco – archive

The “The Rig” project includes 4 offshore platforms linked to a bridge, which may require more than 200,000 tons of marine manufacturing materials, and previous reports indicated that the project will use renovated oil and gas assets, which may need new construction facilities, according to the sources.

The sources expected that companies operating under Saudi Aramco’s long-term agreements would lead foreign projects and bids.

The Rig Entertainment Project

The huge project, The Rig, offers many options for guests, according to what was previously announced, as it includes various accommodations and a lot of activities, adventures and marine sports.

The huge Saudi project aims to preserve the environment of the region on which it will be built, by following the best international standards and practices. In support of the Kingdom’s efforts to preserve the environment.

The basic vision of the project includes the construction of a pier that can accommodate about 50 boats, 800 hotel rooms, and 11 restaurants, with the aim of attracting tourists from different countries of the world, especially citizens and residents of the Arab Gulf countries, to experience an exceptional tourism experience.

The Rig project offers a wide range of tourism options; It includes 3 hotels and a number of international restaurants, in addition to helipads and daring marine activities and sports.

Fund Strategy

The Public Investment Fund announced that The Rig project is in line with its five-year strategy between 2021 and 2025, which aims to enable innovation in tourism and entertainment, given the Kingdom’s promising development opportunities, achieving economic diversification, within the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The Kingdom is turning to the use of the expertise of international companies specialized in the establishment of offshore oil and gas platforms, in order to bring out the huge entertainment project in the closest images to the large oil and gas platforms, and in the latest style.

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