English report.. Algerian Bentaleb is among the worst deals in history

The English “HITC” website revealed the 7 worst football deals in history, describing them as “destroying” for the clubs that brought these players, and placed within this classification an Algerian player, Nabil Bentaleb, the former midfielder for Tottenham Hotspur and Schalke 04, who accompanied his career The footballer has a lot of disciplinary problems and troubles, particularly during his German experience.

The report of the English website mentioned 7 deals, including the Algerian player’s deal when he moved from Tottenham to Schalke in the summer of 2016, describing them as the worst deals in the history of football, in sympathy with the funds allocated by the clubs to include these names in exchange for the return they provided on the green rectangle and the results that Recorded by their teams.

Nabil bin Talib disappointed many in his experience with Schalke Al-Germany

“Both Sebastian Rudy and Brill Empolo proved to be very costly mistakes on the part of Schalke,” he added, “But Nabil Bentaleb was the biggest mistake when it came to the damage he caused, even though he is an undeniably talented player.” And he added: “Ben Taleb started his career in Tottenham, where he played 66 matches in 3 seasons before Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino decided at the time to sell him.”

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And he added, “After a great first season,[Ben Taleb]played on loan, Schalke paid 19 million euros to sign him,” before adding: “It is alleged that Ben Taleb was the highest paid player in the club, with nearly 100,000 euros per week.” And he added, “Schalke resorted to getting rid of this huge wage when Bentaleb moved on loan to Newcastle for 6 months in 2020.”

The English website was keen to highlight the disciplinary problems that Bin Taleb was involved in, according to the source, with Schalke 04, saying: “The Corona pandemic exacerbated the club’s financial problems, and then the midfielder was taken down for the Schalke reserve team for disciplinary reasons.”

He explained: “Bin Talib returned during the last confrontations in the season of Schalke’s relegation to the second division (the 2020-2021 season for the first time after 30 years), and played 10 matches,” and stressed: “He did nothing at all to help them in their plight,” and added: “He took Schalke has made many reckless financial decisions, but the signing of Nabil Bentaleb with a huge salary and for 19 million euros was the worst, because he caused the club more problems than he contributed to solving before leaving for free.

It is worth noting that Bentaleb was forced to stay without a club after the end of his contract with Schalke 04 in the summer of 2021 for a period of 6 months, and he did not succeed in moving to a new club until last January, when he joined the French club Ongers in a free transfer deal with a contract that extends until Summer 2025.

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