Liverpool writes history and celebrates the seventh European Cup

Liverpool wrote another page of its glorious history, when it succeeded in qualifying for the Champions League final for the tenth time, following a “dramatic” situation, which the Reds fought against its Spanish rival Villarreal and succeeded in and turned things upside down and came out with a brilliant victory (3-2). .

Liverpool is now catching the gloss of the “eared” cup for the seventh crown after lifting it on six occasions before 1977, 1987, 1981, 1984, 2005 and 2019, while losing it three times in 1985, 2007 and 2018. With their victory over Villarreal today, the Reds set a date with the second semi-finalist between Manchester City and Real Madrid.

English remontada in Spanish lands

Liverpool did not bid farewell to the playoffs of the first continental championship after winning the first leg, since the 2001-2002 season when Bayer Leverkusen and its star Michael Ballack eliminated him from the quarter-finals (1-0 and 2-4).

Since “remontada” is a Spanish word, the red team succeeded in translating it into English on the ground, when it returned from afar after losing two goals in the first half, to score three consecutive goals in just 12 minutes.

Thus, the Reds avoided the bitterness of the defeat that the two European giants, AC Milan, suffered in the famous Istanbul final in 2006, when they came back from a three-way delay in the first half to equalize (3-3) in the second before winning on penalties () and lifting the cup for the fifth time.

Liverpool also returned from its big loss (0-3) against Barcelona in the first leg of the semi-finals in 2019, to win a full four-way (4-0), in one of the biggest surprises in the last decade of the tournament, to go on to win the title against Tottenham (2-0). ) in the final in Madrid.

Historic record and a unique English achievement

The attacking machine of the English team seemed to be “disabled” in the first half, as the team did not shoot any ball between the woods of the Villarreal goal, but with the modification of the attacking triangle with the entry of Luis Diaz and the progress of Sadio Mane to the depth, and the activity of Mohamed Salah, that deadly machine returned to the practice of scoring the net.

Three successive goals, through Brazilian Fabinho, Colombian Luis Diaz and then Senegalese Sadio Mane, restored Liverpool’s “prestige”, and confirmed that what happened in the first half was nothing but a summer “cloud” due to the confidence brought by the victory.

These three goals not only achieved victory, but gave the “Reds” a historical number that had not been achieved in the records of the “reds”, as Jürgen Klopp’s men reached the 139th goal, after they played 57 games in all competitions for this season, which has never happened before. However, this number will not last long, as the team now has many matches to add more.

Quartet dream and more titles

By reaching the Grand Final in Paris on May 28, Liverpool will have an important opportunity to add a new title, not only in the Champions League, but also to achieve the four seasons.

By qualifying for the continental final, the Reds became the first English team to reach three finals in the same season, winning the League Cup against Chelsea on penalties (11-10) after a 0-0 tie in the original time, and also reached the final. The FA Cup, and he will meet with Chelsea on May 14 for his second title.

And it will not stop at the three cup titles, as the English Premier League title is still at stake, as Liverpool stresses the leaders Manchester City, and chases them by one point (79 – 80) four rounds before the end on May 22.

And if Liverpool achieve the Champions League, it will open a way for them to win the European Super Cup, then the Club World Cup, and perhaps complete the historic hexagon that no team has been able to achieve except Barcelona, ​​led by coach Pep Guardiola.

Summary of Liverpool’s victory over Villarreal in the Champions League semi-finals

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