Klopp: Playing our style was the key to winning against Villarreal

Liverpool canceled an unexpected surprise against its Spanish host, Villarreal, when “Remontada” avoided the first half by delaying two goals, and turned things upside down in the second half, scoring three consecutive goals, to achieve a deserved victory (3-2), in the second leg of the semi-final round of UEFA Champions League 2022.

Liverpool coach, German Jurgen Klopp, admitted the difficulty of the confrontation that brought them together with Villarreal, despite reaching the final of the European competition, as he made clear in statements after the match that resolving qualification was not an easy matter.

The German coach said: “We did not start the game well. They put pressure on us and scored two goals, but we managed to turn things around during the second half. In the break I told the players that they should play the way they always used to.”

Klopp continued: “In the first half, I was looking for solutions and hope for a return. I began to modify the defense approach and look for a way to break the solid defense of the opposing team, which made them lose their offensive coordination and then we started playing in our own way.”

The joy of Liverpool players after scoring against Villarreal

Liverpool players are happy to qualify for the Champions League final

And the Liverpool player, Alexander Arnold, confirmed in statements after the match that his team did not get the appropriate balls at all in the first half, explaining: “They played the way they wanted to play and we allowed them to do that. our way.”

He continued, “We can watch tomorrow’s match between Real Madrid and Manchester City. I am sure it will be a good match. If it is like last week, we will watch another great match, and it is exciting to know which team we will play against.”

For his part, the Liverpool player, Brazilian Fabinho Tavares, who scored his team’s first goal in the match, said: “They gave everything in the first half. In the second half, we dominated the match. We scored three goals and could have scored four, that’s all now.” We are in the final.”

The Spanish club Villarreal is sad to leave the Champions League

Villarreal player Raul Albiol expressed his sadness and disappointment after he was eliminated from the semi-finals of the Champions League by Liverpool, after he approached the dream of reaching the final of the European competition.

The captain of the Spanish team said: “During the first half, we did not manage to keep and play at the same level, and we know that in the Champions League you have to do the best for the 90 minutes. After they scored (Liverpool) the first goal, things were very difficult…”

He added, “We knew that they had a very strong bench and that their team was big. The changes in the second half changed the course of the match. The first half was not enough. We had to offer the same level in the second round, but we were not able to.”

The Villarreal player concluded his speech by saying: “The first goal hurt us a lot, and after that they scored two goals. It was not easy to get back in the result. We feel sad and disappointed, because we were close to qualifying for the Champions League final.”

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