Islam Slimani in Paris to decide his future with Sporting Lisbon

The Portuguese newspaper “Record” said that the Algerian international, Islam Slimani, the star of the Portuguese club Sporting Lisbon, is in the French capital, Paris, in order to meet with his agent to resolve the issue of his departure from the Portuguese club next summer due to his strong differences with coach, Ruben Amorim.

The historical scorer of the Algerian national team entered into a direct clash with its Portuguese coach, since the beginning of last April, and Amorim excluded him from the training and team matches on the pretext of his “lack of commitment” in training and his lack of “seriousness”, as he had made in media statements to clarify the issue.

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On the other hand, other media sources linked the differences between Soleimani and Robin Amorim to the insistence of the Algerian international to adhere to the ritual of fasting, as the last period witnessed statements by the Sporting Lisbon coach and a reaction from Soleimani, through two messages he published on his official account on the social networking platform “Instagram”.

And the Portuguese newspaper, “Record”, said today, Tuesday, May 3, that the Sporting administration granted an exceptional holiday to Algerian Soleimani for two days, to coincide with the celebration of the blessed Eid al-Fitr, and Sporting’s top scorer, according to the same source, took advantage of the opportunity to travel to Paris in order to meet with his agent. He discussed his future after deciding to leave the Portuguese club.

Many Portuguese media sources confirmed that the former Leicester City star decided to leave the Portuguese club, only a few months after his return to the team during the last winter Mercato, after it was confirmed that Amorim would continue next season, at a time when many observers see the impossibility of returning the relationship between The two men are back.

A decisive meeting to determine the future of Islam Slimani with Sporting Lisbon

The same source did not specify the next possible destination for the Algerian international; But other sources said that Soleimani’s offers are not lacking, and he will decide on the matter of moving to the new club for which he will play next season at the appropriate time.

Sporting Lisbon coach denies quarrel with Slimani

Coach Amorim denied the news that he quarreled with Soleimani during one of the club’s training sessions, as it was promoted during the past few days, and said in this regard: “It is clear that it is a lie.”

Amorim continued, “Even for Soleimani, it is not positive, because he will have to find another solution to have the opportunity to play again,” before adding: “There was not even a discussion. We both (the coach and Soleimani) see things from a different perspective.”

Amorim added: “This case (the dispute between him and the Algerian player) has been closed. This is the last comment I will make regarding Soleimani.” And he concluded: “I am the Sporting coach, and I will not bring myself to the level of quarreling with a player.”

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