Legal expert: That is why Algeria was punished and the match was not resumed

Algerian journalist Yazid Wahib, an expert on FIFA regulations, revealed in statements to “winwin” that the penalty imposed by the International Federation’s Disciplinary Committee on the Algerian national team, related to facing Cameroon in the second leg of the play-off round of the African qualifiers for the World Cup finals. “Qatar 2022” was “expected”, denying that this committee has the “power” to issue a decision such as re-confrontation, as it has been promoted for some time.

On Monday, May 2, FIFA announced the imposition of a fine on the Algerian national team due to the incidents in the return match against Cameroon in the last round of the African qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar, which ended with Cameroon winning 1-2.

Algeria won 0-1 in the Cameroon stadium, but lost 1-2 on the grounds of the “Mustafa Chaker” stadium in the Algerian province of Blida, to fade the hopes of “the Greens” to reach the Qatar World Cup scheduled for the period between November 21 and 18 next December.

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The FIFA Disciplinary Committee imposed a fine on the Algerian Football Association of up to 3,000 Swiss francs, due to the rioting of fans in the stands of the “Mustafa Tchaker” stadium, throwing projectiles and lighting fireworks during the aforementioned confrontation.

Yazid Wahib said in statements to “winwin” regarding the FIFA penalty imposed on the Algerian federation: “This decision was expected and expected,” adding: “The Disciplinary Committee does not have the capacity to approve the replay of the match except in one case, which is not present in the case of the Algeria-Cameroon match.” And he added: “This case is in the event that a sanctioned player participates in a particular match. If the Disciplinary Committee confirms that this case is proven, it will issue a decision to repeat the confrontation, and this matter is not available in Algeria’s file.”

And he continued, “Originally, the Algerian Football Association made a procedural error when it decided to file a complaint regarding referee (Bakary) Gassama to the Disciplinary Committee, which he corrected by another step by filing a complaint to the Referees Committee of the International Football Association, and added: “The two cases Completely different,” before adding: “The complaint of the Algerian Federation is related to mistakes that you believe Gassama made in the match, which the referees committee will study and decide on in the coming period.”

The Algerian journalist, who worked for years in the media committee of the Confederation of African Football “CAF”, and is familiar with the laws and regulations of “FIFA”, ruled out the resort of the referees committee to issue a decision in line with the hopes of the Algerian fans to replay the match, and stated: “The referees committee will study Algeria’s complaint regarding Gassama about his refereeing decisions, and if it is confirmed that there were significant errors, the referee will punish Gassama at the latest.”

And he continued: “Article 12 of the FIFA arbitration regulations grants the absolute authority to the referee, and his decisions in matches are not subject to appeal and review,” adding: “There are only two cases that can be relied upon to repeat a particular match or challenge its final result in the event of arbitration errors; the case The first is when the referee commits a technical error during the match, which requires filing a protest about it during the match and after the first natural stoppage of play after the error according to the known legal procedures, and this case does not apply to the match between Algeria and Cameroon.

Summary of Algeria’s 1-2 loss to Cameroon in the second leg of the African qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

And he added: “As for the second case, it is proven that the referee received a bribe from a certain team to help him win, and in this case the match is not repeated, but the briber party is considered a loser of the match.” He said: “The president of the Algerian Federation said that his body will resort to the Court of Arbitration for Sports if the decision of the referees committee does not meet its expectations,” referring to him that the Algerian Federation does not expect a major decision from the referees committee.

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