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The journalist Salman Al-Shuraida is a prominent national figure, a political researcher, and has many articles, various posts, and distinguished and enriching radio and television interventions. He was characterized by calm, sophistication, and great literature.

• When did you start fasting?

•• I remember I started fasting when I was ten years old.

Voices of the Imams of the Haram

• What are the fond memories of Ramadan?

•• Iftar and Suhoor in the house of my grandfather, may God have mercy on him, as well as the voices of the imams of the Great Mosque of Mecca who passed away – may God have mercy on them – when the live broadcast on the screen of Tarawih prayers Sheikh Al-Sabeel, Sheikh Al-Khulaifi and Sheikh Ali Jaber.

• Are you preparing a Ramadan program for the holy month?

•• Usually the best vacations in the month of Ramadan are not; Because I feel that working during the day in Ramadan regulates the time, and on the evening of this holy month, I often do not see myself restricting myself to any program as it is a social month with distinction, so that I often stop writing articles, and my interaction on communication programs, especially Twitter, is reduced.

• Where would you like to spend the fasting month?

•• It is best spent in the beloved capital, Riyadh.

• How long is Ramadan outside the country?

•• I always avoid fasting outside the country; Therefore, it did not happen that his silence outside him.

No approaching

• Do you go into the kitchen? And what are you good at cooking?

•• Often in Ramadan, the kitchen is in a state of alert, so I prefer and advise everyone not to approach it, and I even see the imposition of a curfew around the kitchen so that these interventions do not lead to a high state of escalation and tension.

• Who do you invite to the breakfast table?

•• This year is different; Because my brothers and I break our fast every day at our mother’s, and of course we are happy with everyone who serves us at the breakfast table.

• What are your favorite meals?

•• Sanbosa, soup and bechamel pasta.

• How do you spend the day of fasting?

•• Between work during the day and social gatherings at night.

• Who do you miss in Ramadan?

•• In Ramadan this year, I feel, thank God, happy and reassured, and I have no feeling of missing out on anything.

my favorite shows

• What is your favorite TV programme?

•• A program from scratch on mbc, the late program on Rotana Khaleejia, and the human program on the Saudi channel.

• How many hours do you read? What are your favorite books?

•• In Ramadan, I only read the Noble Qur’an, and I read for an hour during the day and an hour after dawn.

politics and society

• A Ramadan habit that you wish to return?

•• For me, the social atmosphere in Ramadan did not change from previous years, and I did not feel that anything was lost except for those who left us.

• A Ramadan supplication that you do not get tired of repeating?

•• O Allah, you are a generous pardon, you love forgiveness, so pardon us, my Lord, let me enter the entrance of sincerity, and lead me out the exit of sincerity, and grant me from Yourself a supporting authority.

• A writer you like to read to?

•• I like to read for every creative person who writes political topics and some social issues, but my brother, colleague Muhammad Al-Saed, is one of the writers who attract me the most in the way they present and select their topics.

• A reader that affects you hearing his recitation?

•• Reciter Dr. Sheikh Yasser Al-Dosari, and reciter Sheikh Saad Al-Ghamdi.

• Do you fast on social media during Ramadan?

•• It is not fasting, but the rate of interaction decreases in the month of Ramadan.

• An app in your phone where you live more time than its neighbors on the phone screen?

•• Always between Twitter and WhatsApp.

• A Ramadan habit you would like to quit?

•• I feel satisfied with everything I do during Ramadan.

• Ramadan creation that you would like to continue for the remaining 11 months?

•• I do not change in the month of Ramadan from the rest of the months.

• What is the Ramadan dish that your mother prepared and would you like to taste it with the same taste?

•• This year, I was not deprived of a single day of breakfast on my mother’s plates.

Talali Al-Hawa

• What do you usually say between you and yourself (poetry, song, like)?

•• It is often one of Talal Maddah’s songs, because I am Talali Al-Hawa, but there is a line of poetry that I always recite and I do not know the author who says in it:

Do not say know the minds and the price of speech fell

Say hello to (silence), not to preserve its value


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