Bombed messages to the Al-Kazemi government..Who is tampering with the security of Nineveh?  - Saudi News

Since last Thursday night, Mosul, the capital of Nineveh Governorate, in northern Iraq, has witnessed a controversy of a different kind. The announcement of an explosion inside a car in one of the most important streets of the city within the Cultural Group area caused security confusion, and conflicting information between it was a combustion caused by the explosion of a gas bottle, Or it was a secondary explosion inside a generator parked on one of the sidewalks of the street, until a statement was issued by the city police that confirmed that the incident was accidental and not terrorist, and it was “a gas bottle exploded near the car, which led to its burning.”

However, the Iraqi street, and Mosul in particular, was surprised on the second day by a statement from the terrorist organization “ISIS” claiming to detonate the car bomb targeting sewing shops and selling military clothing, to make sure that the incident was terrorist and not accidental, as the security authorities reported, which aimed to not create a tense atmosphere on days Eid in the city causes terror among the people.

In exclusive information obtained by “Okaz” from its own sources, the car is an OPEL Vectra, model 1991. A gas cylinder (home use) was placed in its trunk after changing the bottle by opening it and placing an explosive device inside it and then returning it to its normal position so that they could bypass the checkpoints. Then it was detonated from a distance, and the explosive materials placed were of limited explosiveness.

Since it is impossible for ISIS to have explosives factories inside Mosul, the probabilities are that the device and the method of its installation took place inside a house, as ISIS’s method of booby-trapping differs from its previous methods using TNT explosives or any other high explosives. This street is witnessing markets and crowds with the approach of Eid al-Fitr, but the method of booby-trapping is somewhat similar to the way the militias blew up the two cars that exploded after the expulsion of ISIS from Mosul in the forest area and the second near a famous restaurant, which refused to pay royalties to the militias at the time.

This raises the question: How did ISIS manage to deliver a car bomb to an important area close to the University of Mosul? And also his choice of this particular time in which Iraq suffers from a political blockage and at the same time there is a military operation by Turkey against the militants of the Kurdistan Workers Party and the movement of Iraqi forces to control security and impose the rule of law in Sinjar district, which is controlled by the PKK militants?

Are there other parties that have an interest in causing the terrorist organization to disturb the established security in this city, which suffered what it suffered during its control over it in 2014?

The reality confirms that the trade relationship, especially with regard to drugs, between the state militias, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants, and the transporting parties affiliated with ISIS, is at the highest levels of understanding and harmony, especially on the Iraqi-Syrian border, and that the three parties trade together in drugs, most of which come through Al-Nukhayb of Anbar Governorate, which It is controlled by the state militias and transferred to the Iraqi-Syrian border and then to the Syrian interior. In the event of practices, training or deployment of the American forces present in the Syrian Al-Tanf region, the road to Sinjar district is changed and transported in blue plastic barrels with a capacity of (200 liters) that are packaged and each shift is between (3 – 4) drums for these three ends.

Therefore, the explanation closest to reality is that the car bombing incident in Mosul is a bombed message to the Iraqi government that approaching Sinjar or trying to expel the PKK militants or the state militias from it will be the price of tampering with the security of the city and the whole of Nineveh, the second largest province in Iraq after Baghdad.


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