“A triple battle” .. How do Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Pyramids resolve the conflict?

10:50 AM

Sunday 01 May 2022

Books – Hadi Al-Madani:

Recently, there was talk about the possibility of determining the clubs participating in the African Champions League and the Confederation of African Football for the next season 2022-2023 without the league competition having ended as long as it will continue until next August, according to preliminary estimates.

The Football Association must determine the clubs qualified for the Champions League and send the list of participants no later than June 30, which means that a decision must be taken in this regard within the next two months.

According to the regulations of the African Confederation, in the event that the local season does not end, the local federation may choose the clubs that will represent it in African competitions, but what is the basis on which the selection can be made?

Ahmed Diab, head of the association, said he spoke about this matter, saying: “What we said is that the competition regulations say that if we reach June 30 and the league is not completed and there is no equal number of matches for all clubs, we return to the result of the first round, whereby all clubs are equal. In playing 17 matches according to their points.”

He continued, “If we reach June 30, all clubs have played 20 matches, for example, we will calculate the results based on this matter. The only fixed point from now until June 30 is that the calculation is based on a fair point and the clubs played equal matches.”

Article 108 Clause 2 states the following:

In the event that the decision was to cancel or not complete the season after the end of the first round, the final ranking is calculated according to the last ranking after stopping the competition in the event that all teams are equal in the number of matches played, and in the event of an equal number of matches played, the final ranking is calculated according to the last week in which all teams were equal The difference in the number of matches played and the crowning of the competition champion and the identification of the relegated teams to the role of the second division and the teams participating in the African championships and all other effects, whether financial, administrative or other. .

According to the announced match schedule, the Club Association has set the dates for the matches until the 23rd round of the league competition, but there are still matches postponed, especially for Al-Ahly, which is competing at the African level in the semi-final stage.

Zamalek’s position

Zamalek reached 38 points before playing against the Eastern Company, which means that it guarantees in all cases to participate in the African Champions League next season if only the first round criterion is taken, as the difference with the third-placed Pyramids is 9 points with its superiority in direct confrontations and remains 3 Matches for Pyramids in the league.

Al-Ahly matches

Al-Ahly, who has 33 points, will play the 15th round match against Enppi on May 21, and then play the Eastern Company match in the 14th round on the 25th of the same month, unlike the El-Gouna match in the ninth round, whose date has not been set yet.

Pyramids matches

Pyramids, who has 29 points, will play against El-Gouna on Sunday evening, after which they will play the Smouha match, May 6, and Future 26 of the same month, to have completed the first round matches.

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