A mysterious message from Andy Delors .. Will he return to the Algerian national team?

Algerian international Andy Delors, the star of the French club Nice, has ignited social media platforms during the past few hours after he published a picture of him with the Algerian national team using the story technology “Astori” on his official account on the social networking platform “Instagram”, which sparked a lot of controversy regarding the possibility of his return. The 30-year-old striker joined the Algerian national team.

Algeria coach Djamel Belmadi had decided to exclude Delors from the team since October 2021, after the Nice striker asked him for an “international rest” and “exemption from participating in the African Nations Cup “Cameroon 2021” to focus on his goals Personal and athletic with his club, and this request left a wave of widespread anger among the Algerians.

Algerian striker Andy Delort Nice Lorient Ligue 1 One One winwin

Since that date, Delor has refrained from publishing any comment, topic or image related to the Algerian national team on his various official accounts on social media platforms, although he is considered one of the most active Algerian players in “Social Media”, before he, on Saturday night, April 30, By publishing a picture of him in an Algeria shirt.

Photo posted on Andy Delor’s Instagram account

Some observers tried to read this move from the French club Nice striker, and link it to the expected changes to the Algerian national team in preparation for the next camp, and the two scheduled matches against Uganda and Tanzania in the 2023 African Cup qualifiers next June, especially after Algeria failed to qualify for the World Cup finals “Qatar”. 2022″, wondering if Belmadi decided to pardon Delor to return him to the “Greens” squad.

The issue of Delors’ return to the Algerian national team still divides the Algerian fans, although the majority of them reject this matter on the grounds that the former top scorer of the French club Montpellier “compromised” the Algerian team and placed it behind his club in terms of priority, and the account of “La Gazette de Fenique” Algerian had a public vote regarding Delors’ return, and this idea was rejected by more than 63% of all voters.

A public vote rejects the return of Andy Delors to the Algerian national team

One of the opponents commented on this proposal by saying: “The person who put the Algerian national team on hold during a sensitive time in the World Cup qualifiers and before the African Nations Cup does not deserve to talk about it.” Another said: “The Delors case has been closed and I do not see any point in conducting this survey.” And a third went even further: “I prefer playing with (guardian Rice) M’Bolhi in the center of the attack center instead of seeing Delors carrying the Algerian shirt.. It’s over,” at a time when a few other groups accepted Delors’ return on condition of an apology from the Algerians.


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