Who is the wife of Faisal Al-Issa?

Who is the wife of Faisal Al-Issa?

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Who is the wife of Faisal Al-Issa?

The Arab public prefers to know the personal lives of actors and public figures and awaits their news continuously. The opinions of celebrities vary between their love for presenting the details of their lives and others who resort to secrecy and between this. We will learn about the life of actor Faisal Al-Essa in the next paragraph.

  • Actor Faisal Al-Essa did not mention the name of his wife or the number of his children details of his personal life, as he prefers not to put his family in the spotlight.
  • Al-Essa stated that his family life does not interest the audience, but the focus should be on the art and the roles it presents.

Faisal Al-Essi biography

We mention information about the life of actor Faisal Al-Essa, and this is through the following paragraph.

  • Faisal Al-Essa was born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh. He obtained a high school diploma and then entered the artistic field.
  • Faisal Al-Essa, born in January 1982 AD, loved entering art and worked hard to present various dramatic roles.
  • Famous actor Faisal Al-Issa is known for his best manners, humility and helping others, and he was famous for his good manners and good dealings.

How old is Faisal Al-Issa?

Followers want to know the real age of the stars, and there are some groups that do not mind mentioning their age or details about their personal life, unlike some people, especially actresses, and many have wondered about the age of actor Faisal Al-Essa, and this is what we mention below.

  • This year, the actor Faisal Al-Essa completed his fourth decade at the age of 40, and he still retains the features of youth and spontaneity.
  • Al-Eisi began to enter the artistic community in 1997, and was able to achieve great successes.
  • Al-Eisi was not present in the cinema except in the movie Umm Obaid, as he focused on television drama, in which he presented his most important distinguished works.

The work of Faisal Al-Essa

The Saudi actor presented a lot of artwork, especially on television, as he succeeded in presenting various roles and formed a great artistic career full of successes.

  • The Saudi artist, Faisal Al-Essa, has a strong talent for mastering artistic roles, so he was able to maintain his presence on the artistic scene for many years.
  • Actor Faisal Al-Essa went through the theater experience and presented 3 plays in which he was able to win the audience of the Arab world. They are the play We Shalluna Al-Dawri, as well as the Saudi play Got Talent and the play of the 5-star school.
  • Illusion series 1997.
  • The series Time of Glory 1998.
  • The Tash Ma Tash series, Part 7.
  • Be with me series 1999
  • Tash what tash air 8.
  • Stay with me part 5.
  • Family affairs part 2.
  • The desert series 2001.
  • Desert Maqamat series 2001.
  • Series Ajyalak, my country 2002.
  • Rashid’s Diary 2003.
  • Tash What Tash Part 11.
  • Abu al-Asafir series 2004.
  • 2005 road end series
  • The series days of mirage 2009 AD.
  • Aqrib wa foxes series 2009.
  • The Million Journey 2010 series.
  • Tash Ma Tash series 13.
  • Take and leave 2006 series.
  • Youth Bomb 2012.
  • Youth Al-Bomb series 2015 to 2019.
  • The series Qalbat Jid 2019.
  • Mamji series 2020.
  • The series, What do you want, but 2021?
  • Youth Bomb series 9.

Faisal Al-Essi Twitter

Recently, actors are using electronic platforms as a way to promote their artwork, so everyone downloads videos about their new films and series, and actor Faisal Al-Essa has announced his new series Shabab Bomb through his official account.

  • Faisal Al-Essa is considered one of the active actors on social media, as he constantly uploads his latest news and clips from his series, and communicates with followers.
  • Recently, Faisal Al-Essa’s account was documented on Twitter. The number of followers has reached more than a quarter of a million people from various Arab countries.
  • To follow the official account of actor Faisal Al-Essa and learn about his latest artistic news, you can click on this Link.

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