Where does Sheikh Nasser Al Qatami pray?

Where does Sheikh Nasser Al Qatami pray?

Where does Sheikh Nasser Al Qatami pray?

Many people like to join the congregational prayer in which he is the imam, due to his complete reverence during the reading, which makes there a lot of spirituality in prayer, so if you participate with him in this reverence, you can go to:

  • King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Mosque, which is located in the Rahmaniyah neighborhood in Riyadh.
  • Sheikh Nasser al-Qatami likes to choose a mosque in every Ramadan that differs from the mosque he led in the last month of Ramadan so that he can communicate with the largest number of people and that his knowledge is not limited to a living audience only.
  • And wherever Sheikh Nasser al-Qatami went, the people of the kingdom asked about him to go to the same mosque in which he prays because of his dazzling voice when reciting the Holy Qur’an and the sweetness of praying behind him while he is in the utmost degree of reverence. All these factors made him a wide audience of Muslims.
  • Sheikh Nasser Al-Qatami’s fame does not stop within the Kingdom only, but the Sheikh has done a lot of advocacy work, which he traveled along the lines of to many Arab countries. Which made many from the Arab world benefit from his knowledge and love their religion more because of his call and the spread of the tolerant teachings of Islam.

Reader Nasser Al-Qatami

Nasser Al-Qatami is one of the most famous readers in Saudi Arabia, yet his biography is not very well known, as he:

  • He was born in 1980 AD, ie he is 42 years old, and he was born and raised in the city of Riyadh.
  • Through the Islamic universities in Riyadh, Nasser Al-Qatami was able to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Islamic studies, and is also studying a master’s degree in Qur’anic studies.
  • Because of his diligence and his sweet voice, Nasser Al-Qatami was able to be the imam of several mosques in different regions in the Kingdom. He is the imam of Al-Salam Mosque, Al-Quraini Mosque, Al-Fares Mosque, Al-Rashoud Mosque, which is located in the Al-Sattana neighborhood, Al-Arefi Mosque, which is located in the Ad-Durayhimiyah neighborhood, and Al-Arifi Mosque, which is located in Al-Mansoura district. , Al-Qadi Mosque, Princess Latifa bint Sultan Mosque, King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Mosque, in which he performs the Imamate throughout the current month of Ramadan.
  • Basically, Sheikh Nasser Al-Qatami is the official imam of the Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Muhaini Mosque, which is located in the Al-Areq neighborhood in Riyadh, and it is the mosque that performs its prayers in full, except for the month of Ramadan.
  • Sheikh Nasser Al-Qatami has a lot of books, and he had more than 20 audio recordings of reading the Noble Qur’an, in addition to the recorded audio lessons.
  • He has published more than 8 books, which are mainly scientific treatises, which he wrote and researched in depth in various Islamic studies.
  • At the present time, Nasser Al-Qatami heads the Resource Development Department in the Northern Ring Center, which is one of the departments affiliated with the Saudi Charitable Society for the Memorization of the Holy Qur’an, which is located in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.
  • He participates in the Quran memorization committee in charitable societies that aim to memorize the Quran for the children of the Kingdom. He also supervises more than 11 Quran memorization sessions in mosques and various associations.
  • Nasser Al-Qatami’s activity expands outside the Kingdom, as he is considered one of the most famous reciters of the entire Gulf region, as he goes to many Gulf countries to spread the correct Islamic teachings and teach his young children the Holy Qur’an and the correct recitations.

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