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Muhammed Al-Tom, who is Al-Atban?

In the year 2009 from birth, a young media figure appeared to the scene of fame, distinguished by his boldness and strong style. This is the hero of our Saudi media topic, the Eminent Muhammad Al-Tom, who is looking for a lot about Muhammad Al-Tom, from which to blame for the extension of the lineage of this media star.

Muhammad Al-Tom, from which tribe?

When searching for a prominent figure, many researchers take the paths of those who go deep into the roots to reach the land from which the person grew, which made many ask Muhammad al-Tom from which of the censuses.

The tribe of broadcaster Muhammad Al-Otaibi: The root of Muhammad al-Tom goes back to one of the oldest tribes in the Arabian Peninsula, which was known for preserving its lineage and its adherence to the original. Otaiba.

Al-Tom from any Atban

When searching for Muhammad al-Toum from which al-Atban we know that the Saudi broadcaster Muhammad al-Toum belongs to the al-Tom family, which belongs to the Atban al-Adnani tribe, specifically the al-Tom family from Atban is the administrative capital of Al-Khobar Governorate in the Eastern Province and Dammam.

Who are Otaiba?

The Otaiba tribe is an authentic Arab tribe of the most prominent Adnanite tribes in the Arabian Peninsula. The origin of the Otaiba tribe goes back to Hawazin bin Mansour bin Ikrimah bin Khasfa bin Qais Aylan bin Mudar bin Nizar bin Maad bin Adnan.

  • The main branches of Al Otaiba: The Otaiba tribe tree is divided into two main trunks:
    • Lightning oath.
    • Rogue section.
  • Sub-bellies of the Otaiba family: The main stems of the Otaiba tribe branched into several stomachs.
  • Barqa Department Branches:
    • First, Mansour.
    • First, Nasir.
  • Roq Branches:
    • crowding out.
    • Talha.
  • The Al-Otaiba tribe was famous throughout its history for the strength and valor of its men.

Who is the presenter of a program with Tom?

The presenter of the Muhammad Al-Tom program is the brightest young star in the Saudi media sky. Muhammad Al-Tom, the young broadcaster who was known for his boldness, strength of her personality, and his unexpected difficult questions with the guests. We will know more about him by knowing the biography of Muhammad Al-Tom Al-Otaibi.

Mohamed Al-Tom biography

In the city of Riyadh in 1982 AD, the Gulf broadcaster Mohammed Al-Tom was born… After his birth, Al-Tom moved to the field of media to become a content maker and then a media personality, one of the most prominent Gulf media professionals.

  • Muhammad Al-Otaibi appeared in the sky of Gulf media stars in 2009 to continue to shine, especially after presenting the famous Gulf program “With Tom”This program has been presented for three seasons so far.
  • The Gulf media is multi-activist and has achievements in several arenas. He is a member of the Media Association. He is also an ambassador and honorary member of the non-profit Naqa Association, in addition to being a media member of the Saudi Al-Nasr Club.
  • Mohammed Al-Tom’s real name: The full name of the Saudi journalist is Muhammad Musa Al-Tom Al-Otaibi.

Muhammad Al-Tom – Wikipedia

Full name Muhammad Ghazi Musa Al-Tom Al-Otaibi
ancestry and ancestry Al Tom is from the Otaiba Al-Adnani tribe
Name of the Father Ghazi Al-Otaibi
Date of Birth1982
the age 40 years
MotherlandKingdom Saudi Arabia
place of birthRiyadh, Saudi Arabia
Place of residence Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Academic specializationPress and media
Mother tongueArabic
OccupationMedia content creator and TV presenter
The reason for famePresenting a program with Tom
active years2009 – now
Muhammed Al-Tom, who is Al-Atban?

Fabricate a program with Tom

The program with Al-Tom was known boldly by the Gulf media presenter, Mujamed Al-Tom, who surprised the followers with his offensive style with the guests and his unexpected and bold questions.

The truth of a program with Tom

Khaleeji broadcaster, Mohammed Al-Tom, admitted through his Snapchat channel that the events and events of the TV program “With Al-Tom” were previously agreed upon with the guests. The program is fake.

Mohamed El-Tom’s fortune

As soon as any star becomes famous in various fields, many consider that his personal life and everything related to it has become the property of the right of the public and they have the right to enter into all the details of his life.

  • This is what happened with the Gulf broadcaster, Mohammed Al-Tom. Many of his followers noticed the life of the party and the prosperity that he enjoys through his appearance in videos on his Snapchat channel, so questions were raised about Muhammad Al-Otaibi’s wealth and size.
  • The truth about Muhammad Al-Tom’s wealth: The truth is that the journalist Muhammad Al-Otaibi did not announce any details regarding his personal life and wealth. All rumors about her are just a trail of interpretation and assumptions.

Muhammad Al-Tom’s Snapchat account

The Saudi broadcaster, Muhammad Al-Tom, is one of the most active broadcasters on the social networking application Snapchat, and he always works to communicate with his fans through it and share all the details of his personal and professional life.

  • Mohamed El-Tom can be followed through his account on Snap chat from this link

How to contact Muhammad Al-Tom

You can communicate with the Saudi broadcaster, Muhammad Al-Tom, through her other means of communication, which are:

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