Before confronting Frankfurt, a report that compares Benrahma to a famous movie character

The English “Hammers News” website expected that the Algerian international Said Benrahma, player of West Ham United, will play pivotal roles during the second leg of the semi-final round of the European League against Eintracht Frankfurt, on Thursday, May 5, at the “Deutsche Bank” stadium. Park” in Frankfurt, hoping to lead the London club to qualify for the final.

West Ham lost the first leg match against Frankfurt at home at the Olympic Stadium in London, on Thursday, April 28, with a score of 1-2, in a meeting in which the Algerian national team star participated as a substitute starting from the 66th minute, instead of Argentine player Manuel Lanzini, and Benrahma succeeded in providing levels He was so good in the first leg that he was close to scoring on two occasions, which made him receive wide praise on the public and media levels.

Algerian player Said Benrahma

And the English website, which specializes in following West Ham news, said in a report that Benrahma should be included in the return match against Frankfurt: “West Ham players were not great in the first leg, but they were not bad either,” and added: “But the only thing What seemed clear to everyone, is that (West Ham) became more dangerous, when Said Benrahma was involved in the second half.

And the report added: “The 26-year-old is really a mercurial talent,” before talking about the problem of level stability that Ben Rahma suffers from, by saying: “Ben Rahma sometimes succeeds in presenting impressive levels and appears as an unstoppable player, but in the next match It doesn’t look at all close to the level required in football.”

Is Algerian Said Benrahma characterized by contrasts with West Ham?

Hammer’s News went on to liken Said Benrahma to two famous movie characters, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” The phrase ” Jekyll and Hyde” is used in colloquial language to refer to people with an unexpected dual nature; Sometimes they are very good and at other times they are shockingly evil, and “Hammers News” used this phrase to highlight the contradiction in Benrahma’s levels this season 2021-22; Between the charming player sometimes and the humble player at his level at other times.

And the same source continued, saying that West Ham coach, David Moyes, has a big decision to make before the second leg against Frankfurt, adding: “Ben Rahma presented some great skill as soon as he entered the field in the first leg, as Benrahma showed what he is capable of.” “.

Watch.. Algerian Said Ben Rahma was close to scoring in the first leg match between West Ham and Frankfurt

And he added: “With West Ham needing to win in Frankfurt, will Moyes choose to start with Said Benrahma ..?, who is able to cause a lot of problems for the German team’s defenders,” before adding: “Or will he (Moyes) stick to the preferred attacking trio? He has (Michael) Antonio, Jarrod Bowen and Pablo Fornals, with Manuel Lanzini in the playmaker position…?”, and concluded: “It’s a big mystery for Moyes. Anyway, the decision he makes will have a huge impact on the outcome of the match.”


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