Al-Merrikh and Al-Hilal return the Sudanese league to the classic competition

The Sudanese Premier League revealed its secrets early, and Al-Marikh and Al-Hilal jumped to the top of the standings to continue their usual race to crown the title, while the features of the clubs that will qualify to participate in the African Confederation Cup, while the race to avoid relegation ignited early in the presence of prestigious clubs.

Al-Marikh rose to the top of the league standings after playing only 12 games and obtaining 30 points. Al-Hilal, who has so far scored 28 points from 11 games, is chasing him, while Al-Ahly Shendi moved to third place after being at the top of the standings with 24 points.

In comparison to the successive victories of the two poles of the Sudanese summit, the title race will be limited to them, which is what happened during the 27 years of the competition, when the league knew no other champion.

Al-Ahly Shendi regains his position and a three-way struggle for African representation

The return of Al-Ahly Shendi club in the current edition ignited the race for qualifying places to participate in the African Confederation Championship, with strong competition from Hilal Al-Sahel and Al-Ahly Khartoum clubs, after they advanced in the ranking list.

Who are the clubs that will represent Sudan in the African Championships?

Hilal Al-Abyad (12 points) and National Khartoum (9 points) were subjected to a real shock, after occupying the bottom of the standings, to enter a competition to avoid relegation instead of the advanced positions as they did in previous years.

A big surprise in my top scorer list

Al-Marikh Al-Jazuli striker Noah, the 19-year-old, detonated a surprise of the caliber, after he rose to the top of the scorers list with 8 goals, equal to his current colleague, Seddik Kowa, who recently transferred from Al-Ahly Meroe, to become the youngest player in the history of the Sudanese League able to lead The list of top scorers, with 18 goals in total, after he scored 10 goals in the last edition.

The absence and decline of top stars

The league competition witnessed a clear decline in the level of the top stars, especially in Al Hilal, with the weak appearance of Mohamed Abdel Rahman, the top scorer of the last version, and the level of his colleague Yasser Muzammil and goalkeeper Ali Abu Ashrayn also declined.

While the top stars of Mars are absent due to significant injuries, and Amir Kamal, Bakri Abdel Qader, Ahmed Al-Tesh did not participate with the team during the current version, while the stars of Ahmed Peter, Ibrahim Colina and Tony Edgo rose from Mars, in addition to Abdel Raouf Yaqoub from Al Hilal. .


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