جامعة كرة القدم تردّ على مراسلة من الوزارة تُوصي بإصدار قرار بات في ملف هلال الشّابّة 

Late last Thursday night, the Tunisian Football Federation issued a statement in which it responded to a correspondence received from the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs recommending the issuance of a final decision in the file of the young woman, Hilal, in order to avoid anything that would disturb social peace.
This is the text of the statement:

The Tunisian Football Federation received a correspondence from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, centered on the dispute between Al-Hilal Al-Shabi Sports and Club Africain, and the ministry demanded the following:

“Fulfilling the rights of litigation in all its stages and ensuring a normal resumption of activity is one of the most important conditions for the issuance of a final decision to stir up the Youth Sports Crescent Association and to avoid everything that would prejudice social peace.”

Accordingly, the meeting of the university office was urgently held today, Thursday, April 28, 2022, at 2:30 pm.

– Reminding the independence of the League and the independent, elected and competent judicial structures in deciding such triggers and disputes, bearing in mind that the number of triggers and precautions is counted in the dozens in each sporting season.

– Reminding that stopping the activity affects the rights of all clubs and has an impact on the fate of all the clubs of the First Professional League and on the arrangement of the coronation stage qualifying for African competitions for the 2023/2022 season, and freezing, stopping or suspending the activity of the championship means freezing the activity of all clubs until a decision is issued It is made by litigation structures, the latest of which may be the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS), whose procedures usually take not an insignificant time.

– Reminding that the suspension, suspension or freezing of the tournament’s activity does not exempt the clubs from the salvation of all players and coaches, according to what is included in the contracts concluded between the various parties.

– Reminding that stopping, freezing or suspending a championship activity for the presence of excitement or precaution is in violation of legal texts, which would create a very dangerous jurisprudence situation that would result in the future stopping any championship in any professional, amateur or regional association due to the presence of any excitement or precaution, regardless of its consequences. or its results.

– Reminding that the basic, general and sports laws are binding on all its participants, and it has been clearly stated that the appeal does not stop the implementation of the decisions taken.

– Correspond with the clubs of the First Professional League to find out their opinion and position on the request of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the extent to which they agree to suspend or freeze the activity of the First Professional League or not to appeal it until a final decision is issued by all the judge’s structures in all its stages.

– Emphasis on guaranteeing the rights of all parties that can benefit from any decision issued by any sports or arbitral tribunal.

– Correspond with the President of the Republic to inform him of the matter, its possible national and international repercussions, and the great harm that may result from stopping the activity to the sporting, financial and public associations.

– Correspond to the Prime Minister to inform her of the same matter and its repercussions.


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