More than 23 million orders for tickets for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar

FIFA has announced that it has received 23.5 million requests for tickets for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™, at the end of the randomly selected raffle ticket sales period.

The final sales stage opened after the final draw of the tournament which resulted in unmissable matches and exciting combinations that will make the event on the way to the final, and this period ended Thursday, April 28th.

Qatar 2022 promises to enhance the universality of the game by welcoming the huge requests from the host country and all over the world, and receiving them as guests of the first-of-its-kind cup in the history of the game thanks to the proximity of its stadiums to each other, and this feature will allow the fans, for the first time in history, to watch two matches in Same day during the first days of the tournament.

During the recent sales period, residents of Qatar continued to show their support for the World Cup with their increased demand for tickets for the tournament, with Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and the USA being the most advanced countries.

Among the matches that attracted the most fans were Argentina vs Mexico, Argentina vs Saudi Arabia, England vs USA, Poland vs Argentina, in addition to the final match.

Upon receipt of these requests, the FIFA Ticket Office will verify their compliance with local sales regulations and restrictions before allocating them. If the total number of requests exceeds the available stock of tickets for domestic or international customers, it will conduct a random drawing lottery.

Ticket applicants will be informed of the results of their application via email starting May 31, 2022 coinciding with the start of the payment period. Visa credit card payment is the only accepted method for residents of Qatar, while all types of payment cards are accepted for international audiences.

Everyone who successfully applied and paid for their ticket will be able to start booking their accommodation and request a “Haya” ticket from, and there is still another chance in the hands of everyone who has not been lucky to advance or succeed in the random-selection sales period to watch the tournament. By purchasing ‘first come, first served’ tickets, which will launch in due course at

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The ticket products available on are divided into the following:

Single match tickets

Tickets for a specific match are available in all four different price categories.

Fan tickets

Fan-specific group stage tickets are available in three different price categories.

Conditional fan tickets

Tickets for fans of a specific team to a second-round match in which their team is likely to participate, and are available in three different price categories.

Series tickets for four stadiums

Tickets for fans who want to experience the atmosphere of the tournament in four different matches and fantastic stadiums on consecutive days.

Disabled tickets

Tickets that provide access to facilities and spaces designated for the disabled and people with reduced mobility and cover a range of requirements as part of any of the products described above.

Accommodation and Haya Card (Fan Card)

Once they have paid for their tickets, fans will be able to search for a place to stay and apply for the “Haya” fan card, which at the same time represents an entry permit for fans coming to Qatar to attend the tournament matches.

All fans, regardless of whether they are based in Qatar or abroad, need to have a Haya ticket along with their match ticket; To be allowed into the stadium. To explore accommodation options and for more information on the Haya Card, please visit

Qatar 2022 World Cup Final Draw


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