I will leave Galatasaray..and 3 teams want me

The Egyptian international star, Mustafa Mohamed, advised his colleague in the Turkish Galatasaray team, the talented Tunisian, Ahmed Juffali, to leave the “Lions” team and go into a new football experience.

And there are less than 3 months left in Juffali’s contract with Galatasaray, which means that he can currently negotiate with any team to move to next summer for free, without the consent of the Turkish team.

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Juffali signed his first contract in his professional career with Galatasaray in October 2021, after he chose to leave the ranks of the Tunisian reserve team, Esperance Sports, where he spent more than 10 years of its formation stages.

19-year-old Juffali told winwin: “I think that leaving Galatasaray would be a great option for me, despite the club’s management offering my agent the idea of ​​signing a contract for the next 5 years, but I will choose to leave for A new destination.

Egyptian Mustafa Mohamed advises Tunisian Ahmed Juffali to leave Galatasaray

He added, “There are many people who have advised me to go through another professional experience, as I did not have the opportunity to play with the first team here, despite my brilliance with the under-19 team, scoring many goals and providing several assists, and among them is the Egyptian star, Mohamed, Who believes that it is more appropriate for me to look for an opportunity in other training schools in Europe or to professionalize in Gulf stadiums.”

Juffali continued, “I have suggestions from several well-known teams, including the Qatari team Umm Salal and the French team Rennes, as well as a club from the English third division. In general, I learned a lot of good things here in Turkey, which I think will benefit me during my professional career in football. Football, the most important of which is discipline on and off the field and high professionalism in dealing with the club, and I hope that these matters will help me achieve my dreams and join the Tunisian national team in the coming years, God willing.”

The young Tunisian left wing concluded his speech by saying: “By the way, I want to pay tribute to the fans of my former team, Esperance, and to make it clear to them that the process of my exit from the team was out of a personal will, since for years I have had the idea of ​​professionalism in Europe and signing with Galatasaray was an irreplaceable opportunity. As for me, and the sports director of Esperance, Kamal Kollasi, has nothing to do with my exit, neither from near nor from afar.


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