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How old is Ahoud Al Samer?

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How old is Ahoud Al Samer?

How old is Ohood Al-Samer? The Saudi artist, Ohood Al-Samer, has recently starred in many successful artworks. ask about How old is Ahoud Al Samer?, The answer is that Ahoud Al-Samer did not provide any information about her real age, but her age is estimated to be in her mid-thirties. .

Who are the vows of Samer?

  • The artist, Ohoud Al-Samer, is an actress and voice performer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She entered the artistic scene and presented her talent late in her life.
  • Where she began her artistic work since 2017, and presented some small roles that were remarkably well received by viewers, and also drew the attention of many producers and directors.
  • She has proven her high acting ability, and television shows have multiplied, such as the series The Inheritance, in which she presented the character of Laila.
  • And the art of Ohood Al-Saher did not stop at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia alone, but she presented an important role in the series Adani Al-Aib, in partnership with the able artist Ilham Al-Fadala.
  • Ohood Al-Samer’s personality was distinguished by standing in the side of women and defending them and their rights in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and sparking a lot of controversy after her response to Shams Al-Kuwaiti.

Ohood Al Samer’s biography

  • The full name is Ohood Al Samer and the nickname is Ohood Al Samer.
  • The name in English is hood Alsamer.
  • Ohood Al Samer was born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the capital of Riyadh.
  • Ohud resides in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and holds Saudi citizenship.
  • Embraces the vows of the Islamic religion and is one of the Sunnis and the community.
  • The educational level of the artist, Ohoud, is not known, and her primary language is Arabic, and the secondary languages ​​are English and the Saudi dialect.
  • Ohood’s career is an actress, artist, and voice actor.
  • Ohoud’s artistic activity has continued since 2017 to the present time.
  • One of the most famous roles that Ohoud presented was the series “The Inheritance”, in which she played the role of Laila.

Characteristics of the artist Ohoud Al Samer

  • After we mentioned to you how old Ohoud Al-Samer is, we will explain to you some information about the characteristics of Ohood Al-Samer.
  • And the artist, Ohood Al-Samer, launched a strong attack on the Kuwaiti artist, Shams, through her Snapchat account.
  • She published a video clip containing the meaning of the attack and criticism, and said that the artist Shams had no origin and criticized her intervention within the framework of Saudi women, and accused her of transgressing the limits of literature with her.
  • Ahoud also said that Shams Al-Kuwaiti is an intruder in her country, and how can she interfere in the affairs of dealing and dealing with men, the government and society.
  • She also added, saying, look at what he has, he does not have land to stop on, it is intertwined with anything that has an identity that has no origin, so it clings.
  • A lot of false rumors have also spread about the conflict between the artist Ohood Al-Samer and the artist Ilham Al-Fadala, due to the artist’s fear of the artist Ohood Al-Samer after her arrival at the airport.
  • Where she thought she was infected with the Corona virus, and asked her to isolate at her home and not mix with her.
  • But the artist, Ohoud, assured her that she had conducted the necessary tests and that she was not infected with the Corona virus, but she was infected with the seasonal flu, and the atmosphere of laughter and fun between them after that.

The origin of the vows of the Saher

The origins of the artist, Ohood Al-Samer, goes back to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The real name of the artist, Ohood Al-Samer, was not known. Is this her real name or her nickname? Therefore, the origin of the Ohood Al-Saher family is unknown until now, as the artist Ohood is one of the artists who did not provide much information about her life. Personal.

The most prominent works of the artist Ohood Al Samer

The artist, Ohoud Al-Samer, participated in many works of art and distinguished series, where she participated with a group of shining stars in the Arab Gulf, and was able to highlight her name, talent and acting ability by presenting these roles. Among the most important roles that she presented:

  • The fifteenth part of the Tash Ma Tash series in 2017.
  • Shadow of the dream series in 2017.
  • The famous series when the moon is full in 2017.
  • TV series Blood Market in 2019.
  • The TV series Fast Speed ​​​​in 2019.
  • The second part of the series without a filter in 2019.
  • A series of clusters in 2019.
  • Adani Al-Aib series in the year 2020.
  • The inheritance series in 2020.
  • Series forbidden roaming in 2021 AD.
  • Al Zahia series in 2022 AD.
  • Who is our son series in 2022 AD.

Ohoud Al Samer’s official Snapchat account

The artist Ohood Al-Samer is interested in sharing her private life and the news of her artwork through her account on Snapchat, where she used to promote advertisements for Saudi products. For the account of the artist, Ohoud Al-Samer, and to follow up on all that is new from her work, visit this link.

Ahoud Al Samer’s official Instagram account

The artist Ohood Al-Samer has an active account on the Instagram platform, and despite her recent joining, she has gained great fame. She publishes many photos and many followers interact with her with positive comments on her various works. Where she shows the scenes of the meeting between them, and she is always interested in publishing posters for social events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and her last poster was wearing a heritage dress on the founding day.

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