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Who is Saad Al-Buraik?

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Who is Saad Al-Buraik?

The news of Saad al-Buraik’s imprisonment spread in the Arab Gulf, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the news caused a sensation on social media and electronic platforms that are in his name in the past few days, due to the great fame he enjoys, and we will get to know Saad al-Buraik and discuss the most prominent Information about him in the following lines:

  • Saad bin Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Buraik was born in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on February 19, 1962 AD. He studied primary, intermediate and secondary schools in Riyadh.
  • Saad Al-Buraik is considered a sheikh, a clergyman and an imam, as well as a famous preacher. He holds Saudi citizenship, as he was born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, grew up there and is still residing there until this time.
  • He also joined the Higher Institute of the Judiciary, and specialized in the Department of Comparative Jurisprudence at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University to obtain a doctorate degree with distinction with first honors for his thesis entitled quoting Imam al-Khattabi’s jurisprudential choices.
  • It is worth mentioning that he worked in law, and this was his main job, as he is a legal advisor with his name and position, and he is very famous in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in many Gulf countries.
  • He graduated from the Faculty of Sharia, and has participated in many charitable and humanitarian societies, and has contributed to providing aid and assistance to many needy families.
  • He was known for confronting extremist ideology in addition to his advice to young people who were deceived, so they joined the jihadist Takfiri movement, and entered into long discussions with them in an attempt to keep them away from these dangerous extremist currents.
  • He is also known for his eloquence, and he has a great ability to communicate his ideas in a convincing manner, and is one of the leading Islamic preachers and thinkers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Among his most famous sayings: “The historical relationship between Iran and the countries of the region has not been reassuring since the time of the Shah and the Safavid regime that came after him.”
  • He also said: “Khomeini’s wealth was based on my ideological project and the other is a political and ideological project represented in the guardianship of the jurist or the politician, it is the export of wealth.”

Saad Al-Buraik biography

We present to you the most important and prominent information related to Sheikh Saad Al-Buraik, as follows:

  • His full name in Arabic is Saad Al-Buraik, and his name in English is Saad Al Beraik.
  • He was born in Saudi Arabia on February 19, 1962 AD.
  • Saad Al-Buraik resides in Saudi Arabia.
  • Its homeland is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • He holds Saudi citizenship.
  • And the race that he has is the Arab race.
  • Saad Al-Buraik embraces the Islamic religion.
  • He is considered one of the Sunnis and the group.
  • Saad Al-Buraik holds a bachelor’s degree from the College of Sharia in 1983 AD.
  • He continued his education in comparative jurisprudence until he obtained a master’s degree for his thesis entitled Commercial Insurance in Islam.
  • Saad joined the Higher Institute of the Judiciary, specializing in the Department of Comparative Jurisprudence at Imam Muhammad bin Masoud Islamic University.
  • He speaks in the Arabic dialect.
  • Sheikh Saad Al-Buraik works as a lawyer, advisor and cleric.
  • And the years of its activity since 1404 AH until now.
  • He is married, and has six sons and five daughters.
  • Saad Al-Buraik was known for his eloquence, eloquence, and great ability to persuade.

Saad Al-Buraik from which tribe?

  • The lineage of Sheikh Saad goes back to the tribal tribe, in which the genealogies differed, and some have mentioned that their origin and roots go back to Yemen.
  • While others said that Sheikh Saad’s lineage goes back to Saif bin Dhi Yazan al-Himyari, who is considered one of the famous Arab tribes.

How old is Saad Al-Buraik?

  • Sheikh Saad was born in one of the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whose nationality is a father through grandfather, in 1962 AD, and it is worth mentioning that he obtained a doctorate from the Higher Institute of the Judiciary, Department of Comparative Jurisprudence, with distinction with honors, after obtaining a master’s degree In comparative jurisprudence.

The reason for imprisoning Saad Al-Buraik

  • Sheikh Saad was arrested twice, the first for a tweet he posted on Twitter in defense of preacher Essam Al-Owaid after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced in 2017 AD, and the second time he was arrested by Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman in order to pressure his son-in-law Saad Al-Jabri, the former minister and right-hand man of Prince Muhammad bin Salman. Nayef, who fled the country.
  • A dispute arose on Twitter between Sheikh Saad and Prince Mamdouh bin Abdulaziz, who accused Al-Buraik of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Saad Al-Buraik positions and positions

Sheikh Saad held many important and responsible positions and positions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, among which are:

  • He held the position of advisor and vice-chairman of the Higher Committee in the Office of Research and Studies.
  • He was a member of the terrorist counseling team for prisoners.
  • And a member of the Higher Education Committee of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz.
  • He is the imam and preacher of the mosque of Prince Khalid bin Saud, may God have mercy on him.
  • He is also a general supervisor of the cooperative offices for advocacy and guidance.

Saad Al-Break programs

Sheikh Saad presented a unique set of television programs on satellite screens, including:

  • Sheikh Saad presented Program and proven pay.
  • He also presented a program Take my Rituals.
  • The television program was presented, so they took advantage of good deeds.
  • And he presented the Brotherhood Sawaed Program.
  • and survival programme.
  • The TV show has been presented and you are on a great creation.

Saad Al-Buraik Twitter account

Sheikh Saad is interested in interacting and appearing through various social media platforms with the masses and his followers in the Arab world, and this is for the purpose of communicating with them and responding to all the questions and inquiries they provide, and you can visit his account and follow him through this “Link.

Saad Al-Buraik’s books

Sheikh Saad presented many books and writings by his pen to the Arab world, and among his most prominent books, which achieved great success, are:

  • Briefing about some of what Al-Albani, Ibn Uthaymeen and Ibn Baz differed in.
  • The Jurisprudential Choices of Imam Al-Khattabi, “A Comparative Study”.
  • Many research papers published in scientific journals and on his website.
  • Fatwas of satellite TV controls and effects.

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