Mortada Mansour, in the first response after the ruling of his imprisonment: No comment on the provisions of the

11:19 PM

Wednesday 27 April 2022

Books – Mustafa Al-Greitli:

Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek Club, said that he has no comment on the judgments issued against him by the Economic Court, imprisoning him for two years in the cases brought against him in favor of Mahmoud Al-Khatib, Chairman of Al-Ahly’s board of directors, on charges of insulting and defaming families.

And Mortada Mansour added, through a video clip, published today, Wednesday, on his YouTube channel: “Today, he pronounced three judgments, including two judgments in the Economic Court, which Mahmoud Al-Khatib filed against me. .

And the president of the Zamalek club continued: “Today he gave me a year in every case. For me, I have no problem and no comment on the rulings of the judiciary, because I was a judge and the head of a court, and I think that I am the chief of a court. The judge who issued the ruling was not born, and I cannot prosecute a judge, so his conscience will judge him, and God and the judicial inspection do not comment from me, but this The court has been under attack for a month because of the rulings that I obtained and with all due respect to the judge’s sovereignty. When I received some information about his ruling against me, we asked for his response in the official session minutes (after your permission to step aside from hearing the case) and asked for an explicit response in the session minutes, but he issued these rulings that I will not comment on. It is my authority and it is not my right, and if there are 100 judgments against me, I will not comment, for our Lord will guide him, and our Lord will be the one who will hold him accountable, his conscience and his judicial inspection.”

Mansour continued: “It had to happen to me, who would win championships and make his fans happy, but I am not forgetting that the second is a red line, and I will get my right to the judiciary, so the ruling of the first degree and there is a guarantee that will be paid, and the appeal will be made. I wrote it and they asked the prosecution, whether the Central Auditing Agency, administrative control or graft, they said the same thing, but it is the judge’s point of view.”

He continued: “Hassan Mustafa, when he first came back, was isolated for 4 years, then fell by fraud in the elections to the House of Representatives, so no one could win in front of me in Mit Ghamr, then I was expelled from the club, and if it weren’t for the great judiciary, who is with him, God is not afraid of Mortada Mansour who loves him in the millions and they know who he is and I am not talking here.” About the judge, he is above my head, and after the wise I prayed two units of prayer because I believe in God and believe that I am clean and have not been embezzled and I have not been a thorn in the back of my country and I have confidence in God and in the judiciary of Egypt.

The head of the White Castle concluded: “I have no problem, I have been imprisoned before, but I assure people that I am not sad, but sad because of what has happened to me since the return of Hassan Mustafa. No one worries about me, even if the sentences are upheld.

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