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Football fans around the world are looking forward to the 2022 Champions League final, which is very close and the exciting version of the competition is beginning to breathe its last as the season comes to an end.

The Champions League final is the end of the season in the different leagues in the old continent, specifically the five major leagues; The English Premier League, the Spanish League, the Italian League, the German League and the French League.

The champions of these leagues are decided before the Champions League final, and the features of the champions in each league have already begun to become clear, including what has already been decided.

Chelsea won the Champions League last season, and it was a resounding surprise for the fans around the world. At the beginning of the season, no one nominated the Blues, and the nominations focused on other teams, including Manchester City, who lost the final against the London club.

With the penultimate round over in the meantime, we learn all about the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final; The date, carrier channels, stadium and more can be found in the following lines.

An expected tactical confrontation between Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp and Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti in the Champions League final One One Winwin

What is the date of the 2022 Champions League final?

The Champions League final date is Saturday, May 28, 2022, corresponding to Shawwal 27, 1443 AH, and it will start at the time that the public is accustomed to, ten in the evening Mecca time, nine Cairo time.

The two sides of the final of the European Champions League 2022 were already decided through the draw for the quarter-finals of the tournament that was held on March 18, as the draw determined the paths of all the clubs qualified for the round of 8 until the expected final.

What channels will broadcast the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final?

All the Champions League matches have been broadcast for many years on beIN Sports, the exclusive broadcaster of the tournament throughout the Middle East and the Arab world.

A number of channels broadcasting the 2022 Champions League final belonging to the Qatari group will be ready to transmit the event, but it is certain that the match will be broadcast on the main channel of the major tournaments, which is beIN SPORTS 1 PREMIUM.

How to watch the live broadcast of the Champions League final 2022?

BeIN Sports is the exclusive rights holder in the Middle East and the Arab world via the Internet as well, and the live broadcast of the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final can be watched through the beIN CONNECT service.

What is the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final Stadium?

The 2022 UEFA Champions League Final Stadium is the Stade de France in the French capital, Paris, which is the official stadium of the France national team and one of the most important European stadiums in recent years.

The Stade de France was created specifically to host the country in the 1998 World Cup, which the roosters won at the expense of Brazil in the final, and a capacity of more than 80,000 fans, which means that it is one of the largest stadiums in the old continent.

The stadium of the 2022 Champions League final was scheduled to be the “Allianz Arena” of Bayern Munich, but after the outbreak of the Corona virus and the withdrawal of the organization of the 2020 final from Istanbul to Lisbon, the list of hosting stadiums for the specified finals was delayed for years.

Do Dragao Stadium in Porto, Portugal, hosted the 2021 final, and the 2022 final was entrusted to the Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg, Russia, with the Allianz Arena hosting the 2023 final, but the 2022 Champions League final stadium changed after the Russian invasion of Ukraine to a stadium. “France”.

the matchThe appointmentcarrier channelsstadium
Real Madrid – LiverpoolSaturday 28 May 2022
21:00 Egypt, 22:00 Saudi Arabia



France Stadium

How did Liverpool qualify for the 2022 Champions League final?

The draw for the group stage of the Champions League 2022 put Liverpool in the group of death, along with Atletico Madrid, Milan and Porto, and despite its difficulty, he managed to resolve the lead early and rose to the full mark “18 points from 6 matches”.

Mohamed Salah faced Inter with Liverpool in the round of 16, and won the first leg with two clean goals and lost the second leg with a clean goal, so he reached the quarter-finals in which he faced Benfica and overtook him with a total of 6-4 results, before eliminating Villarreal from the semi-finals by winning two clean goals in the first leg and three goals in the second leg. .

Liverpool’s road to the 2022 Champions League final

rolethe matchThe result
groupsLeading the second group
round of 16Inter – Liverpool2-0
Liverpool – Inter1-0
Quarter-finalsBenfica – Liverpool3-1
Liverpool – Benfica3-3
semi finalLiverpool – Villarreal0-2
Villarreal – Liverpool3-2

How did Real Madrid qualify for the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final?

Real Madrid took the most difficult road, perhaps in history, towards the Champions League final. After qualifying at the top of a group that included Inter, Sheriff and Shakhtar, they faced Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Manchester City, respectively, and succeeded in eliminating the three favorites for the title.

Real Madrid’s road to the 2022 Champions League final

rolethe matchThe result
groupsThe top of the fourth group
round of 16Paris Saint-Germain – real madrid0-1
real madrid – Paris Saint-Germain1-3
Quarter-finalsChelsea – real madrid3-1
real madrid – Chelsea3-2
semi finalManchester City – real madrid3-4
real madrid – Manchester City1-3

What are the UEFA Champions League 2022 Financial Awards?

The 2022 UEFA Champions League financial prizes are awarded to each team participating in the tournament, starting from the preliminary and qualifying rounds, and the financial reward obtained by each team is doubled by advancing in the competition stages to the final.

The teams participating in the first qualifying round get 300,000 euros, in the second qualification the prize reaches 400,000 euros, and it increases again in the third qualifying round to reach half a million euros.

Participation in the Champions League group stage guarantees the team will receive 15.64 million euros, and during the round, each team gets 2.8 million euros for every match won, and 930 thousand euros after a tie in any match.

Reaching the round of 16 of the Champions League guarantees 9.9 million euros, while the quarter-final prize is 10.6 million euros, and the two semi-finalists will receive 12.5 million euros.

The grand prize money for the Champions League is 20 million euros, while the runners-up and losers in the Champions League final get 15.5 million euros.

UEFA Champions League Financial Awards

rolePrize money
Hero20 million euros
runner-up15.5 million euros
semi final12.5 million euros
Quarter-finals10.6 million euros
round 169.9 million euros
Winning a match in the group stage2.8 million euros
Draw a match in the group stage930 thousand euros
Qualification for the group stage15.64 million euros
The third qualification500 thousand euros
The second qualification400 thousand euros
first qualification300 thousand euros

What is the history of the confrontations between Real Madrid and Liverpool?

A long history of direct confrontations between the two sides of the 2022 Champions League final, Real Madrid and Liverpool, with 5 previous confrontations between them, all in the Champions League, with 9 matches.

Liverpool is the last team to win the Champions League at Real Madrid’s expense, but it was also the last team to beat the historical champion of the same ears in the final.

This was in the first confrontation between them, which was in the final of the Champions League 1981, and it is ironic that it was also held in France, but in the Parc des Princes stadium in Paris Saint-Germain, and the match ended at that time with the victory of the Reds with a goal without a response.

The second confrontation between Real Madrid and Liverpool was in the price of the 2009 final, when the English great defeated the Spanish capital back and forth with a clean goal and four goals without a response, to rise with a total of 5-0 results.

Liverpool missed the Champions League for a while at the beginning of the second decade of the new millennium, and returned in 2014 to clash again with Real Madrid, but this time in the group stage, and then the royal responded the debt and beat the Reds back and forth and sent him to the European League.

The two teams met in the 2018 Champions League final for the second time in their history, the famous final in which Sergio Ramos intentionally injured Mohamed Salah at the beginning of the match, which ended with the Whites winning by three goals to one.

The last meeting between Liverpool and Real Madrid in the Champions League was in the quarter-finals of last season, and Benzema’s colleagues finished the first leg with three goals for one, and the return ended with a goalless draw and bid farewell to the Reds.

Real Madrid and Liverpool matches

Championshipreal madridLiverpooltie
Champions League431

How many trophies does Real Madrid have in the Champions League?

Real Madrid is the team that has won the most European Champions League in history, as it carried the two-eared cup on 13 previous occasions, the last of which was in 2018 at the expense of the expected royal rival after the days of Liverpool, the famous final in which Mohamed Salah was injured at the hands of Ramos.

Real is the only team that has won the Champions League 5 times in a row, in the first five editions of the European competition between 1956 and 1960, and has reached the final 15 times and lost only two finals throughout its history, the last of which was at the hands of Liverpool in 1981.

How many trophies does Liverpool have in the Champions League?

Liverpool occupies third place in the list of the most winning teams in the European Champions League in history with 6 cups, equal to Bayern Munich, who won the title with the same number, and behind Milan, the runners-up, by one championship.

It was the first title for the Reds in 1977 and succeeded in maintaining it in 1978, and throughout its history it reached 9 finals in the Champions League, losing only 3 of them, the last of which was the 2018 final at the hands of Real Madrid.

Who is the team that won the most European Champions League?

The team that has won the Champions League the most in history is Real Madrid, who has won the title on 13 occasions, followed by AC Milan with 7 titles, and Liverpool and Bayern Munich with 6 titles each.

UEFA Champions League winning teams

the teamHerorunner-up
real madrid133
Bayern Munich65
Manchester United32
Nottingham Forest20
Steaua Bucharest11
Borussia Dortmund11
Aston Villa10
red star10

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