The history of the meetings between Real Madrid and Manchester City.. 24 goals and 23 cards

Real Madrid will be a heavy guest against Manchester City, on Tuesday evening, April 26, in the first leg of the semi-finals of the Champions League, in a confrontation that many football fans around the world are waiting for. What are the most prominent numbers and statistics related to the previous confrontations between the two teams?

Eight previous meetings brought together Real Madrid and Manchester City during the various official matches, most notably 6 matches that took place in the European Champions League, and two meetings in the International Champions Cup.

Between Real Madrid and Manchester City, who will win?

Real Madrid succeeded in winning 3 previous matches with Manchester City, while the English club also won in the same number of matches, while the two matches were tied.

The net was shaken 24 times in the confrontations between Real Madrid and Manchester City

Real Madrid and Manchester City players managed to score (24) goals during the previous eight confrontations, at a rate of up to 3 goals per confrontation, which reflects the attacking tendency that dominates the two teams’ meetings.

Raheem Sterling’s goal against Real Madrid in 2020

The interesting thing is that Real Madrid’s stars scored 12 goals against Manchester City, the same number of goals that Manchester City players managed to score against the Spanish club, which reflects the state of excitement that envelops this type of matches.

23 colored cards in the previous 8 matches between Real Madrid and Manchester City

The previous Real Madrid and Manchester City matches witnessed the referees display 23 cards in the face of the players of the two teams, distributed between yellow and red cards.

Gabriel Jesus is the second player to score a home and away goal against Real Madrid

The stars of the two teams received 21 yellow cards during the previous eight confrontations, 13 of which were declared against the Manchester City players, while another 8 were announced against the Real Madrid stars.

Spanish coach Pep Guardiola Italian Carlo Ancelotti Manchester City Everton Premier League Premier League 2022 One One winwin

As for the red cards, Real Madrid players received them, as Alvaro Arbeloa received in 2012 and Sergio Ramos in 2020.

The two sides seem balanced between Manchester City and Real Madrid in the match on Tuesday, April 26, especially with the English club possessing huge capabilities to qualify, while Real Madrid has enough experience to give it the opportunity to reach the Champions League final, which is its favorite tournament by virtue of owning 13 titles. Will the qualifying ticket be his share this time?


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