Memory Tape Strategy Ready to Print

Memory Tape Strategy Ready to Print

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Memory Tape Strategy Ready to Print

Every day, many strategies appear, and teaching methods develop, facilitating the access of information to the student. In the past, education relied largely on memorization and indoctrination by teachers, so the student only has to receive the information and memorize it for use in passing exams, but now the methods of science have developed Far from what it was in the past, and in our time there are new strategies, methods and modern methods in order to help the student understand and memorize information in a quick and simplified manner. One of the most prominent modern education strategies is the memory tape strategy, which we will present to you in the following lines:

  • This strategy is considered one of the strategies that have been recently introduced in education, as it has achieved great success, and has been accepted in many educational circles.
  • The memory tape strategy is based on presenting an assessment sheet to students in the form of a traditional camera tape. This paper is divided into black and white squares, where the student writes his answer in the empty squares that have been prepared for this purpose, some received from the teacher and memorized in his mind.

Benefits of the Memories Tape Strategy

There are many benefits that result from implementing the memory tape strategy, and we will show them in the following lines:

  • The strategy helps students to improve their communication methods, develop some of their social skills, improve students’ ability to discuss their ideas and communicate their opinion to others, and they are able to contradict others’ ideas and clarify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • It creates an atmosphere of interaction within the classroom, which leads to the consolidation of relations between students of different educational abilities, and it improves the relationship between the teacher and his students, so the barrier of shyness that exists between them is broken, and the general atmosphere of the class becomes positive and beautiful.
  • It also raises the educational level of students, clarifies all the unknown points for students, and strengthens the students’ personality and encourages them to express their opinion without shame.
  • While the strategy works on correcting and modifying the method that is based on the accumulation and preservation of information only, which the students were accustomed to in the past in their education, and it also provides a useful interactive atmosphere.

Disadvantages of memory tape strategy

There are some drawbacks that result from implementing the memory tape strategy, and we will show them in the following lines:

  • Not all students are equal, this method relies on the group system, which somewhat oppresses the hardworking student.
  • It also spreads chaos within some classes in a few cases, as it caused the teacher to be unable to control it.
  • The strategy was tried in teaching practical subjects such as mathematics and physics that require class calm and the student to be fully focused, but it failed.
  • While qualified, trained teachers must be selected to implement this strategy; Because its incorrect application will have significant negative results on students and their educational level.

Memories tape strategy steps print ready

There are some sequential steps to implement the Memories Tape strategy, and they will be presented as follows:

  • Count the number of students, and they are distributed into equal groups.
  • The teacher delivers lesson information to the students and explains it in an accurate and simplified manner.
  • The cards that have been printed with the aforementioned black and white squares are distributed.
  • The teacher asks each group to answer a specific question, and write the answer in the box that pertains to the answer.
  • Cards are collected from the students when the time limit for the answer has expired.
  • Students’ answers should be read aloud and each answer discussed, then clarify points that students do not understand, which appear through their previous answers.

Active learning is a key part of the Memories Tape strategy

  • Active learning is defined as one of the educational philosophies that make the student an essential and integral part of the educational system, and that helps build many educational institutions on a solid practical basis.
  • It also helps to spread the concept of positive learning, which means that the student is a major participant in the educational process and not just a viewer, as it was old in traditional educational methods, the role of students was limited to listening to the explanation of the educational material, then memorizing it and then writing it down so that the student can remember everything that was done Memorizing it in their memory, through written exams or oral exams.
  • While the matter differed greatly when following the theory of active learning, the student is not only an observer in the educational process, but is a key participant in it by searching for the topic of the lesson and discussing as his different interlocutor with the teacher.
  • Until the students start asking questions, then hypothesizing and analyzing things until they reach definite results based on close scientific sources and analyzes, which enables them to apply scientific fields in the field field.
  • The Internet is considered one of the most important sources for students to obtain information, or the Internet, which provides them with a huge amount of information collected by students, and through which they select their data.
  • Then they conduct fieldwork experiments and interviews, including choosing the appropriate mechanism for application, knowing that all previous steps depend to a large extent on the nature of the scientific material to be taught.

Advantages of active learning

  • This process helps students to develop the concept of participation and teamwork with other students, and contributes to instilling the concept of positive and honest competition in the hearts of students from their young age.
  • It also works on developing and strengthening students’ ability to understand problems, increasing their ability to deal with different situations, and being able to analyze them and reach many solutions that may be commensurate with their nature and sublime in solving them.
  • It develops students’ ability to research and experiment so that it can reach positive results based on logical steps. It also helps students to enjoy an innovative spirit based on understanding and analysis, not just memorization and writing.
  • While the active learning process is one of the most important and prominent educational methods, as it helps to combat the concepts of traditional learning, which contributes to the production of a creative and innovative generation away from students who memorize information only without understanding it.
  • It greatly develops a sense of belonging in the hearts of students, as it works to help the student integrate into the educational process so that it is a positive educational process that helps the student discover his own abilities and talents in many different fields.
  • Active work also develops the student’s ability to perform searches, logical analysis, induction and inference so that the student is able to analyze data to reach the expected results.
  • Active learning helps students increase their ability to solve problems by developing a number of logical assumptions that are appropriate to the size and nature of the problem.

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