"Makkah Buses" has transported more than one million passengers since the start of the launch - Saudi News

The “Makkah Buses” project has transferred more than one million users, since the start of the pilot phases of the project, according to data from the Unified Center for Transport in Makkah, affiliated with the Royal Commission for the City of Makkah and the Holy Sites.

The center confirmed the successful operation of the first experimental phase, which was launched in mid-February 2022 with the operation of Route 7A, then followed by the second trial phase of operating Routes (6-7-12) in late March, while announcing, soon, the start of the third trial phase with operation of Routes Tracks (5-8-9), provided that the project is completed in all its tracks during this year, and the project is one of the initiatives of the Program for Serving the Guests of Allah.

The center stated that the operating hours continue 24 hours a day, with a human capacity of 1,200 employees, including drivers, operating staff, mechanics and support teams. It is noteworthy that the Mount Kaaba station was activated “temporarily” during the holy month of Ramadan, to keep pace with the rapid increase in the number of visitors to the Grand Mosque and to ensure their smooth and easy access. The center explained that the operations are carried out in coordination with the security authorities. In its quest to improve the visitor’s experience, the center was keen to increase the number of buses at peak times, provide directional signs, and open a bus lane through the Saar project to shorten the journey to and from the Haram, in addition to cooperating with Masar Company to provide free parking at Al Haramain Station in Rusaifa.

The center indicated that the total number of tracks that will be operated is 12, aiming to transport about 100,000 passengers per day during the first three years of operation, and about 200,000 per day up to the sixth year of the project’s life, through which 400 buses move, divided into 240 regular buses with a capacity With a capacity of 85 passengers, and 160 articulated buses with a capacity of 125 passengers, more than 425 stops and four main stations in the central region are spread over these routes, transporting users from to the Holy Mosque and the various neighborhoods of Makkah.

The center explained that the buses are fully equipped in all respects, suitable for all categories of users, as the buses have fire extinguishing systems, first medical aid, protection systems, surveillance cameras, collision avoidance systems, electronic information screens that display the destination and time, and a (hydraulic) system to facilitate the boarding of passengers. disability, as well as providing adequate space for strollers and wheelchairs. All buses are equipped with Internet (Wi-Fi) service in each bus and an audio-visual system for trip information inside the bus. The project was keen to attract national competencies, train them, and grant them licenses and professional certificates, and that 100% of the drivers in the first pilot phase, which began with track 7A, (national competency), were trained on the latest bus driving simulators, in addition to field training, and they are qualified to drive. And professionally.

The center stressed that such projects seek to reduce dependence on private cars within the holy city of Makkah, which will contribute to reducing carbon emissions and mitigate the negative impact they produce on the environment. In addition to the economic returns, the project is based on an integrated approach based on the foundations of environmental, financial and developmental sustainability.


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