Diaa El-Sayed talks about.. working in Al-Ahly.. his opinion of Musimani.. and a coach

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Tuesday 26 April 2022

Books – Mustafa Al-Greitli:

The former general coach of the national team, Diaa El-Sayed, does not see any crisis in not working at Al-Ahly Club during the last period.

Al-Sayed responded, during his arrival as a guest on Youth and Sports Radio, today, Tuesday, to his absence in Al-Ahly, laughing: “Yesterday I was in the Turks,” before adding: “Al-Ahly is full of its sons. He will choose (who or who)?” A place where I serve him,” before the program presenter asked him a question about why Al-Ahly did not benefit from his experiences by saying: “Is the question asked to me, I am not the decision-maker.”

And the presenter of the program returned to ask him a question about the reason for his absence in Al-Ahly in light of his good relationship with its chairman Mahmoud Al-Khatib, to which the former general coach of the national team replied, saying: “My relationship with him is very normal and very good. That Al-Ahly club, if he saw that he would benefit from something from me, I am under the order of Al-Ahly Club and we do not deceive some, and I am under the order of Al-Ahly Club at any time, I am 50 years old inside Al-Ahly Club, and Al-Ahly Club is No. 1 and I do not need to bid.”

Al-Sayed responded to a question asked about his opinion of the South African coach at Al-Ahly Club, Pitso Mosimane, saying: “He has what he has and what he has to do; He wins trophies and achieves numbers and will achieve numbers, sometimes there are many matches that are not good, but criticize him as much because he is successful, “Brand” Al-Ahly is not only playing well but with the championship itself, and he proved that he won many championships that are not by chance, there are matches that I am not satisfied About him as a player and performance, but he was criticized for not changing or changing late, but the official’s calculation is different, and hiring a coach for big teams is not easy. I took a risk with Feiler, Musimani, and Feiler was excellent, but you took a risk, but not all the time, Feiler is a former, but this man worked more than Feiler and achieved more than him”.

And he continued, “But do not weigh Mahmoud Al-Khatib and the planning committee, give space to the captain to think, there is an enjoyable performance and the joy of winning, but this is not all the time, nor this all the time, and the elements must be strengthened for him, as he did not choose all of them.” Al-Ahly in the African Champions League by saying: “He does not play in the league .. This is because his choice is not correct, since Flavio, our Lord has honored us with Ali Maaloul and Diang, but we have two loaned Bwalya and Badji, and I am convinced of Percy Tao and see him as a good player but he has shortcomings, and once you pay him as a striker and another as a wing.” , but he must reach full readiness and the best position for him is the wing; Because his movements are wonderful to enter the stadium,” before concluding his opinion on Al-Ahly coach by saying: “I blame him for one thing and I do not know why he is determined to do it, with all due respect to everyone, but it is something for the interest, but his staff is few in number and he must have more elements than that.” It is a team the size of Al-Ahly club, which is something that will comfort him as well.”

Dia Al-Sayed responded about his return to training Ceramica Cleopatra again by saying: “They have a match tomorrow, but I cannot answer. I do not know, and I wish them success tomorrow.” Then the presenter of the program asked him about his opinion of the foreign or national coach most suitable for the team, to reply: “Foreign coach Because it is more protective for existing people and experiences.”

The former general coach of the national team concluded his comments by commenting on Ihab Jalal’s choice to coach the national team by saying: “Yes, a very successful choice and we wish him success, but I wish the foreign coach, but he must be well supported and all the best to him and the technical staff,” before the presenter asked him about leadership opportunities. The twins Hossam and Ibrahim Hassan for the national team, by saying, “Why not.”

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