A battered mother, a grandmother to “Okaz”: If my daughter gave up, I would kill myself - Saudi News

The abused mother of a grandmother known as “the victim Mona” confirmed to “Okaz” that she and her daughter will not give up their right to take revenge on her daughter’s abusive husband, describing what happened to her daughter as unparalleled violence.

She made it clear that she would never give up, and would not accept excuses that the husband was bewitched or sick, and she stressed, “If my daughter gave up, I would kill myself.”

The abused mother said: “My daughter is a Saudi citizen, an orphan, and she has 6 brothers, and her husband was in an abnormal condition, and it is likely that he was addicted to something, but I am not certain of that.”

She added: “The most violent start was last month of Rajab, when my daughter faced violence that led to her shaving her hair and beating her. At that time, she filed a report and was referred to the Protection Home. My daughter was always afraid for the future of her eight children, and she faced – what she called – a fictitious divorce.”

Surgery 9 hours and 7 fractures

The mother indicated that her daughter underwent an operation for 9 hours, and her condition was still unstable and almost unconscious, and accused the arrested husband of putting his finger in her eyes; This caused damage to the right eye nerve, in addition to causing problems in her left eye, and she underwent operations to treat about 7 separate fractures in her body, and it was decided to prevent the visit from her daughter until investigations are completed.

She pointed out that the crime took place in the house of the father and mother of the abusive husband, and that the one who reported the case to the authorities was the husband’s father and brothers, out of victory for her daughter’s condition.

She noted: “The husband is a 33-year-old young man, does not work in a specific job, and his financial conditions are good, but he was abusing his children and the domestic maid in several ways, and I was in the last five days of the incident at the husband’s family home when my daughter faced the most heinous practices of violence, the last of which was He hit her with the handle of the machine gun between her eyes, but her eye did not come out of its place as it was said, and the left eye is less harmful and she is still blinking with it.”

A week of violence and threats to children

The mother added: “The operation was to treat a complex and difficult fracture, and a bony cut was made to reach the inside of the joint, while eye operations are expected, and the Trahum Committee expressed its willingness to plead for her daughter through a committee of 5 lawyers and lawyers, and is awaiting her approval of the necessary agencies.”

She accused the husband of facing other cases, but she does not know whether he has been judged or not. She stated that her daughter was receiving aid from the guarantee.

She stated that her daughter was isolated from her family and did not meet or visit them; Because she was forbidden by her husband, who used to beat her constantly – according to her hadeeth – and threatened to deprive her of her children if she complained or spoke to anyone.

She revealed that her daughter, the victim, had been subjected to violence for nearly a week since the middle of the current month of Ramadan, noting that the accused had tried to cover up his action.

The mother of the battered wife expressed her thanks to everyone who supported and followed up on her daughter’s incident, stressing that the judiciary will take revenge on the victim, and that the authorities are completing investigations with everyone and the perpetrator will not escape punishment.

The “Tarahum” team is following up on the case

The Compassion Committee formed a working group of 5 female lawyers to plead for the abuse of Jeddah, and Okaz sources reported that the Kandarah Police Department took over the investigation of the crime in accordance with the regular procedures, and the Public Prosecution ordered the precautionary arrest of the offender pending investigation until the medical report on the case was issued and the investigations completed.

Lawyer Ashraf Al-Sarraj, head of the Lawyers’ Committee in the National Committee for the Welfare of Prisoners and Their Families “Tarahum”, formed a team of male and female lawyers, headed by him and each of the lawyers Nabil Qamlo, the lawyer Adel Jamjoom, the lawyer Nujoud Qassem, and the lawyer Nasreen Al-Ghamdi to follow up the case of the abused woman.

A working team of female lawyers visited the victim’s compassion committee in the hospital, and was unable to meet with her due to her health conditions, and prevented the visit from her, while a number of lawyers expressed their willingness to defend her amid great interest in the situation on social media, denouncing the heinous crime.

Refer the case to the Public Prosecution

An official source in the Public Prosecution stated that the Public Prosecutor, Sheikh Saud bin Abdullah Al-Mujeb, had issued an order to arrest a person who had assaulted his wife by beating his wife with a sharp object in different parts of her body in Jeddah, after a report received by the security authorities from a hospital about the arrival of a woman who was subjected to a criminal assault using a machine. The seizure authority completed the preliminary inference procedures and referred the case to the Public Prosecution.

The source confirmed that the Public Prosecutor ordered the formation of a specialized investigation team to investigate cases of assault on oneself, the family, and juveniles, while referring the children of the family to the competent authority to provide them with care and psychological support.

The source noted the criminal justice protection of the family and its members in the Kingdom, and that the crime on its formation and stability requires criminal accountability, and the aggressor will be referred to the competent court to demand the most severe penalties.

“Resources” and “Human Rights” demand investigation

Along with the Compassion Committee, a women’s team from the Ministry of Resources and Social Development and a team from the Human Rights Commission visited the battered woman, amid great sympathy and interest in the case, as well as demands to announce the results of the investigation, describing the situation of violence as very hideous and unjustified, while specialists stressed that adapting the incident Criminally linked to the completion of investigations with the arrested husband.

It is noteworthy that the tragedy of a violent Jeddah angered the Saudis after her husband attacked her, causing her to lose her sight temporarily with damage to her eyes, in addition to fractures in the back, skull, head, nose and ribs, according to what her sister announced.

The security authorities had received a report from a hospital in Jeddah, that a woman had been subjected to a criminal assault using a sharp object, and the seizure authority had completed the preliminary inference procedures and referred the case to the Public Prosecution, and the Public Prosecutor had issued an order to form a working group to follow up the case and arrest the accused under investigation.

The communication sites were abuzz with the story of a husband’s assault on his wife, carrying the hashtag “The Victim Mona Save Her”, and similar tags calling for the husband’s arrest and punishment of the maximum penalty.


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