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Who is the beauty diamond?

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Who is the beauty diamond?

Who is the beauty diamond, this question has been frequently asked through search engines and social networking sites, asking about the young actress, the beauty diamond, who caught a lot of attention. who is the beauty diamond, She is the actress on the beautiful young Syrian actress, who shone in the sky of art, and became one of the famous artistic personalities, and her features began to differ from the features of childhood, which we saw in the series Bab Al Hara, which won many admirations.

Where she presented the role of the gift of Bouran’s daughter and granddaughter of Abu Essam, and she has now become a beautiful young woman, as her picture spread on social networking sites, and won many likes of followers. She also received a lot of comments, including, (She is sweet, she does not change the features of her face, but she dyes her hair crazy), (And how did she become the daughter of Buran in Bab Al-Hara, Shehalha), (And it looks like Tulane Al-Bakry), (And God willing, I did not expect all this solution to come out of her), (Sayra). Sweet God).

Massa El-Gamal participated in the Bab Al-Hara series, the artist Umayya Malas, where she played the role of Buran, and Massa El-Gamal participated in many other series, including the famous series Al-Salhiya, Qaa Al-Madina, Hammam Shami, and Banat Al-Ailah, where she presented her roles to the fullest. , and won the admiration of many viewers of the Syrian people, and even all Arab peoples.

How old is the beauty diamond?

  • Diamond of Beauty was born on the 3rd of August 1998 AD, that is, she is now twenty-four years old.
  • She was born in a city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and holds Syrian citizenship.
  • It embraces the Islamic religion, and its primary language is Arabic, and its secondary languages ​​are English and Syrian.
  • And her social status is tormented.
  • Massa El-Gamal has a BA in Graphic Design and E-Marketing.
  • She works as a rising actor, as she began her activity in the world of acting since 2004 AD, where she played the role of the child Samira in the series Layali Al-Salhia, and she still presents a lot of art to this day.
  • Among her most famous works is the role of Hadiya Bint Buran in the famous series Bab Al Hara.

The most important works presented by the beauty diamond

After we explained to you who the beauty diamond is, we will explain to you what are the most important works presented by the beauty diamond, where the Syrian actress has presented many successful dramas, in which her remarkable performance appeared, and the most important of these works:

  • Samira’s role in the series “Nights of Salhia”.
  • The role of the child Hadiya in the series Bab Al-Hara, throughout its seven parts.
  • The role of Souad in the series Qaa Al-Madina.
  • The role of Reem’s sister in the series “The Birth of the Special”.
  • The role of Zainab in the series Men of Ezz.
  • She participated in the series Spotlight, Part VIII.
  • Participated in the series “The birth of the loin”.
  • She participated in the series Hammam Shami.

The diamond of beauty between childhood and youth

Masa El-Gamal appeared at first as a little girl in her sixth year of life, through her role in the Bab Al-Hara series, then recently appeared in a picture of her in the most beautiful stages of her youth, and the audience seemed to interact with her, and compare between her childhood and youth, as her modern images were characterized by remarkable beauty, She became the most beautiful and interactive young woman on social networking sites, especially after the new haircut, and her application of some light cosmetics, and the artist was distinguished by preserving her natural beauty, without any modification of plastic surgery.

beauty diamond instagram

  • The beautiful actress, Diamond of Beauty, has an account on the Instagram platform, where she has a lot of followers.
  • Her account witnessed a significant growth in the number of followers within three weeks of opening, as the number of her followers reached thirty-six thousand followers within a month of its establishment.
  • The artist, Massa, is interested in publishing the feast of her own photos and news, and many followers interact with her, and she is very interested in responding to followers, especially after the many positive comments, and the fans’ admiration for her after publishing her striking pictures of her distinctive beauty.
  • You can access the account of Al-Fana Masa Al-Jammal via Instagram through this link.

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